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7/1/2013 5:00:53 PM -
6-29-13 - squat day

I'm still in the lag period where I'm not really training for anything and the work is trivial, no real plan just doing what I feel like that day. Check it out:


my friend is trying to make wraps and wanted me to try a pair of his prototypes so i did.

They werent that good LOL.

I wanted to try something that would pull me forward, forcing me to keep my chest up on the squat.

bar+ EFS Pro Light Resistance Band

we had the bands set up on the weight holders on the side of the mono, so the farther you walked the weight out, the more tension pulling you towards the mono


I didn't really keep track of how many I did, i think it was 5 sets. Even though it was just the bar and the tension was pulling me forward, they were actually pretty difficult. Anytime muscles are fighting other muscles, you get a workout. Normally I would fold a little bit to get depth, this time I tried to stay perfectly erect, (lol erect) it was pretty tiring honestly.

After that I went and did stuff around the house, woooooo!

Mick Manley

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