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7/6/2013 9:51:35 PM -
7/6/13 Squat Day

Good Mornings with SSB bar
4x8/255 No belt
2x5/345 Added belt

Backward Sled Drags
3 Trips

TKE with EFS Pro Light Resistance Band

Blast Strap Rows

I did 2 distinct form variations today with the GM's. The no-belt sets were done with the fullest ROM possible without rounding the lower back. My back was approximately horizontal when I began the concentric.

The belted sets were done with more of a power-style. By this I mean that there wasnt as much rotation and the form mimicked the squat more closely. During the eccentric phase I tilted the torso until the bar was close to being in front of the toes. I think both styles are great. The power-style GM's allow you to place a heavier load on the body and translate more to your competition squat. The full-ROM GMs are excellent for higher rep assistance and overall muscle development.

Clint Smith

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