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7/7/2013 8:37:49 PM - Dave Kirschen
Full gear squats, dialing in my gear With Video

Last Sunday was a squat Session at Eastside.

Although my wife and I are expecting out first child next month, I'm toying with the idea of competing in the RPS Supreme Iron Warrior meet in September. I'd like to compete before the XPC finals in March, and with the Daveling on the way, I don't want to commit to a meet I'd have to travel to.

The RPS meet is literally 10 minutes from my home. Obviously this might not be in the cards depending on how things go with my demon seed's arrival, But I'm training "as if" for the moment.

Although we were scheduled for a speed session with chains, I opted to throw the suit on so that I can start figuring out my gear combo. This time, I went with my 52 Ace suit over my Jack brief.

Here's how it went:

Bar x a bunch
150 x 5
240 x 1
330 x 1

Put brief on

420 x 1
510 x 1

Put suit on

600 x 1 (straps down)
690 x 1 (straps up)
760 x 1 (wraps)

According to my training partner Anthony, I was a little high, which is why he let me sit in the hole for a while. he has a good eye, so I trust his call, but I can see from the video that I'm pretty close. Even after the long pause, the weight came up super easy.

Based on today, I think I'm going to go with my Viking brief rather then the Jack. Because thinner, I don't think it will bind me up as much, but it still has plenty of support.

After squats, had to run to NYC to pick my mom up to take her to my wife's baby shower, then hung around for a few hours, picked her up, drove back to NYC, then back to my mother in law's house to pick up gifts. Needless to say, I was DONE by the end of the day.

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Dave Kirschen

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