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7/8/2013 11:24:00 PM -
Arms 7-6

Superset #1

Dumbell curls-warm up then 50x8,8,8,8


Vbar pushdowns-warm up then 140x10,10,10,10

Superset #2

Spider curls- 35x15,15,15,15


Incline skull crushers– 110x15,15,15,15

Barbell curls– (only 20 seconds rest in between sets) 95x6,6,6,6,6,6,6=42 reps

Dip negatives-(lowering as slow as possible)100x4,4,4,4

John had me doing a few new techniques today. I really liked the extended set of barbell curls doing 6 reps for 7 sets with only 20 second rest periods (it was only supposed to be 6 sets but I did an extra set). I got a massive pump from this.

The dip negatives were also something I hadn't done before and I was surprised by how hard they hit my triceps. The goal here is simply to descend as slowly as possible on each rep. Then you jump back up to the top and lower yourself slowly again so there is no real concentric phase in this movement. and follow me on twitter @mattkroc,
Matt Kroczaleski

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