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7/8/2013 11:47:19 PM -
Chest and shoulders 7-8

Reverse band Inclines (light band) 135x10,225x10,275x10,315x10,335x10,355x10
Flat chain flyes (75lbs chain per side) 75x20,20,20,20
Ladder pushups BWx25-15-10,BWx25-12-9
(only 90 second rest periods on all shoulder movements)
Dumbbell bent laterals 60x15,15,15
Seated dumbbell laterals (pausing each rep at top of movement for 1-2 seconds) 25x10,10,10
Band pull aparts light band x 30,30,30

My shoulder is slowly improving and the Inclines felt pretty light tonight. I am hoping this means I'll be back to benching again before too long. Used the ladder pushups to really finish off my chest pump tonight.

On shoulders I stuck with my two rear delt exercises, 1 side delt and zero front delt exercises to help correct the imbalances I have right now in my shoulder development and this strategy does appear to be helping the situation.

Pausing the reps at the top of the movement on the seated laterals really gave me a great pump and a nice burn especially when combined with the short rest periods. and follow me on twitter @mattkroc,
Matt Kroczaleski

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