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7/10/2013 9:18:04 PM - Chad Walker
UGSS write up

The UGSS was hosted by Orlando Barbell in Orlando, Florida. Brian and Trinity Schwab are two of the nicest people on earth.

I arrived in Orlando around 3:00pm on Friday, July 5th. I drove to the Holiday Inn to get my room which I was lucky enough to have Brian Carroll as a roommate. When I arrived to our room Brian was already there and so was housekeeping? When I walked in Brian was layed out on the bed watching an INSANTY workout on TV as the house keeper was cleaning the bathroom. So, I walked in and plopped down on my half of our king size bed and watched the house keeper do her thing. I am positive she was very uncomfortable and most likely in fear for her safety. There we were 2 guys and 1 CPAP laying there as she cleaned. Any way she finished up and Brian and I just laid there in an awkward silence. Once that was over we headed to the lobby to meet Dave and Bob so we could head to OBB since Dave had not been there yet. When we got there Brian Schwab was nowhere to be found and Trinity was cleaning. Trinity informed us that Brian went home for lunch so we just hung out around the power rack/mono lift thing and shot the shit for a while.

Approximately an hour and a half later we decided that Brian takes why too long to eat lunch so we went back to the hotel to clean up for dinner. Back at the hotel Brian showered and I just put on fresh clothes and a fresh layer of deodorant garbage pal kid style. We all met up in the lobby and by that time Adam had arrived. He looked to be in bad shape from a migraine headache but being the team player he is he still joined us for dinner.

Dinner was at Texas de Brazil which is my new favorite grazing spot. We met Brian and Trinity there and between the 7 of us we probably ate around 100lbs of beef and topped it off with delicious deserts! They tried stalling between servings but their little games had no effect on our eating skills. Brian Carroll and I were the last ones standing when it came to the amount of food eaten. The food was good and the conversation was even better.

The next morning was our squat and deadlift day at OBB. I had spoke with Brian Carroll earlier in the week and asked what I should shoot for over the weekend. He suggested I attempt the 800 raw deadlift I have been trying for. I agreed and decided that was a great idea and knew it would be a great environment for me to try. On top of that Bob Youngs said he would buy my lunch if I pulled 800 raw and if I missed I would buy his lunch. I warmed up on squats and worked up to 800 in my METAL ACE briefs. Bob Youngs was helping everyone through squats. He worked his ass off and gave tons of great advice. The 800 felt good and I called my squat there so I could have some gas left for my deadlift.

As I warmed up for deads I got to 585 and Dave Tate was standing right next to the bar. When I was done I asked how it looked and he said it looked terrible and basically told me to quit being lazy with my form. What I heard was
"quit fucking around". My next attempt was 705. I decided a 120lb jump was good after talking with Brian Carroll. I told him I still wanted 800 but wanted to do it over the next 2 reps. So we chose 705 because it is an easy weight for me. Well I pulled it and the weight felt like crap. After my pull I walked over to Dave and Brian and asked them what they thought. The general consensus from them was to stop at 705 or I would hurt myself. I was discouraged and second guessing the 800 attempt. At that point I found Bob Youngs who is a great lifter and even better coach. Bob told me that I needed to only please myself and he asked what I wanted to do, I told him I wanted to pull 800 and he said well go pull 800 then. There is no way to explain how I felt or what I was thinking. I believe everyone has a certain way to get motivated and what works for me will not work for you. Anyway I looked at Dave and Brian and said fuck it load 800. I got myself fired up and gave it a ride. I did so with great success.

After deadlifts we grabbed lunch at Chipolte which was free for me because Bob is a man of his word! Then we all headed back to the hotel for a dip in the pool. Well in my mind there is only one way to enter a pool and that is as big as possible. I nailed a pretty sweet can opener into the pool. I didn’t make any friends doing it then again there was about 2000lbs of powerlifters by me so no one made a peep. While swimming there was a "BEAR ATTACK" that I am still not comfortable talking about. Maybe if I had a little toy doll and some counselors around I could explain the scenario. After the pool we cleaned up for dinner. This time I showered even though I went swimming. Then we headed to the Tilted Kilt. We ate food, drank beer, had shots of fireball whiskey, watched fights and shot the shit. I discovered that Dave hates liquor even if it tastes like candy. When the UFC fights were over we headed out to rest up for bench.

I did not feel bad from squats and deads and was hoping to learn some tips on bench. Well I learned that my form sucks and I need to switch my set up other than that my bench is great. So I am taking the advice given and applying it to my training. I will use it at a push pull meet I am doing in August.

Overall it was a great weekend. I believe in rank and senority so to be able to hang out and shoot the shit with Dave Tate, Bob Youngs, Brian Schwab, Brian Carroll, Adam Driggers and Jo Jordan is pretty sweet. I hope this type of thing happens more frequent. It is hard to fail in front of such great people. Thank you guys for all of the support and help.

Chad Walker

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