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7/11/2013 6:04:32 AM - shelby
Some training changes

It's typical to be pretty motivated after a competition, especially if you got your ass kicked.

Hunger is high (both literally and figuratively) and it's usually a good idea to take advantage of that to make some good gains before you get into the more boring part of your offseason, when you look the same pretty much day in and day out, and appetite wanes a bit.

Right now I'm still sticking with the same 4-way split I used in the offseason (chest/shoulders, then back/traps, then calves/arms, then legs) but I'm training pretty much everyday, and I'll probably take a day off after legs. So 4 on, 1 off, at least for the time being (I'll probably eventually start feeling burnt out and need to throw in more rest days).

Another thing I'm doing is keeping my rest periods between sets a lot shorter, for all body parts. Nothing gets more than 90 seconds, even stuff like heavy back and leg work. Some stuff (like arms) is closer to 45-60 seconds.

If I do a unilateral movement (like a 1-arm dumbbell row), I'll do one side, then immediately do the other, then rest 30 seconds, and go back to the first side. This probably works out to be about 90 seconds rest total, between sets, for each side.

It limits the amount of weight you can use a little bit, but trashes the muscle (I'm sore in places I've never been before, from the same exercise) and it also fits in a little better with the studies of optimal rest periods for hypertrophy. And I get out of the gym faster (workouts are closer to 75 minutes now).

I'll start posting some workouts again soon, and I'll note the rest periods I use for each movement if you want to try a similar approach with your training.

Shelby Starnes

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