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10/25/2013 10:15:15 PM -
Chest and shoulders 10-22

Incline barbell presses 45x6,135x6,185x6,225x6,275x6,315x6,335x6
Bench (1 sec pause on every rep)135x6,225x6,275x6,315x6,6,6
Dumbbell bench 50x10,80x10,100x15,15,20
Stretch pushups with feet elevated BWx55,45,40
Rear delts on pec dec (20 sec rest) 100x10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10
Seated dumbbell laterals (perfect form)35x12,12,12
Band pull aparts (light band)x30,30,30

As my level of body fat continues to decrease my pressing strength continues to decline but right now all that's important is working the muscles hard and filling them with blood. The strength will return quickly after the show.

John has me focusing on a lot of rear delt work and honestly even I'm surprised how much my rear delts have improved in the last six months. Actually my delts overall may be showing the most improvement of any muscle group in the last year. They're finally beginning to get that capped look I've been striving for. Still lots of work to do but they've definitely improved significantly. and follow me on twitter @mattkroc,
Matt Kroczaleski

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