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11/24/2013 8:56:02 AM - Chase Karnes
Training Program Template for The Arnold

I am currently training for The 2014 Arnold Amateur Strongman Fitness World Championships. This will be held at The Arnold Sports Festival Feb. 28th through March 2nd in Columbus, Ohio. I’ll be competing in the Lightweight 185# division.

I've finally got everything mapped out programming wise as I begin my prep for the Arnold.

The events for will be:

Day 1:

Giant DB Clean & Press for Reps

Super Yoke

H-Stone Carry

Farmers Walk

Dione's Deadly Deadlift Medley

Top 4 competitors advance to Day 2.

Day 2:

Max Log Clean & Press

Atlas Stone Over Bar for Reps

My programming template for Phase 1 of my prep is a 14 day rotating split that covers 6 weeks, followed by a 1 week deload and another 6 week phase peaking me for The Arnold.

The first 6 week phase is posted below. There could be some modifications to this as things progress, but this is my base template below (not including small accessory work such as abs, upper back, bi/tris and GHRs).

Week A.

A. Circus DB Clean & Press
B1. Incline Bench
B2. Chins
C. Farmers
D. Stones

Low Intensity Cardio

A. Log Clean & Press
B1. Strict Overhead
B2. 1-Arm DB Row

A. Squat
B. Good Mornings
C. Lunges

Week B.

A. Circus DB Clean & Press
B1. Strict 1-Arm DB Press
B2. Chins
C. Yoke
D. Husafell Stone Carry

Low Intensity Cardio

A. Log Clean & Press
B1. Bench
B2. Chest Supported Row

A. Deadlift
B. Front Squat
C. Sandbag or H-Stone Carry

Time To Do Work,
Chase Karnes

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