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12/7/2013 5:08:20 PM - Mark Dugdale
Back 12.5.13

Unfortunately I came down with either the flu or a serious case of food poisoning late Monday night. I felt great during my leg workout that night, but by around midnight I was not doing well at all. I stayed in bed the entire next day and got up maybe three times, but only to protein pulse with Mag-10, lol. That’s literally all I consumed on Tuesday so obviously my Tuesday chest and shoulder workout wasn’t happening.

I felt better on Wednesday and completed my chest and shoulder workout, which meant that back was pushed a day later as well. This is what I did for back on Thursday night…

Wide Grip Cable Rows

I used a MAG medium grip neutral attachment for these that I recently picked up at Elitefts. This is the second handle I have by MAG and they are awesome. Here is the exact one that I used: MAG Medium Grip Neutral

Set 1 x 10 reps with 110lbs (warm-up)
Set 2 x 10 reps with 130lbs (warm-up)
Set 3 x 10 reps with 150lbs (warm-up)
Set 4 x 10 reps with 170lbs (working set)
Set 5 x 10 reps with 180lbs
Set 6 x 10 reps with 190lbs
*Normally all three working sets would be performed with the same weight, but this was the first time using the MAG grip and it took me a little while to find a good weight. While John did not call it out, I opted to hold the weight in the contracted position for a split second to really hit the upper lats, traps and rhomboids.

Rack Pulls Part 1

I normally opt for dumbbell rows or something else when John calls for rack pulls because they invariably jack up my lower back. Since I was feeling really good tonight I decided to go with rack pulls, but keep the weight on the lighter side and focus on contracting my entire back. I pulled these from just below the knee and they actually felt really good tonight.

Set 1 x 5 with 225lbs (warm up)
Set 2 x 5 with 275lbs (warm up)
Set 3 x 5 reps with 315lbs (warm up)
Set 4 x 3 reps with 365lbs (working set)
Set 5 x 3 reps with 405lbs
Set 6 x 3 reps with 445lbs

Rack Pulls Part 2

On these I went back to the weight that I used on my last warm-up – 315lbs. I performed a 5 minute set, by doing 2 reps, then stepping back and counting to 10 and repeating another 2 reps. As my form began to suffer I stretched the rest period to 20 seconds, but kept going with the same weight for the entire 5 minutes.

Wide Grip Stretch Pulldowns

These are performed with a wide pronate grip on the lat pulldown. Essentially you select a heavy weight and pull the bar just to the top of your head. As you extend your arms back out overhead you relax the scapulae and allow the weight to stretch you.

Set 1 x 8 reps with 200lbs
Set 2 x 8 reps with 210lbs
Sets 3 and 4 x 8 reps with 220lbs
*Four working sets.

Low Cable Rows

Back to the cable row but did these with a close, neutral grip; flexing hard in the contracted position on every rep.

Set 1 x 8 reps with 190lbs
Set 2 x 8 reps with 200lbs
Sets 3 and 4 x 8 reps with 210lbs
*Four working sets.

Banded Hyperextensions

I used a short band and looped it under the front section of the hyperextension machine and it was perfect. The band I used can be found here: EFS Pro Short Monster Mini Resistance Band

I was shooting for a minimum of 15 reps on each set and my rep scheme for the four sets looked something like – 22, 20, 17, and 15. (4 working sets total)

Train hard,
Mark Dugdale

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