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12/16/2013 6:21:18 PM - Chase Karnes
Log Press & Upper Body - Fat Loss Progress PIC

I am currently training for The 2014 Arnold Amateur Strongman Fitness World Championships. This will be held at The Arnold Sports Festival Feb. 28th through March 2nd in Columbus, Ohio. I’ll be competing in the Lightweight 185# division.

You know those days that if something can go wrong it does? Well... I've seemed to have two of those days back to back. Yesterday and today. Without going into detail none of it was really a big deal. Just frustrating and time consuming more than anything.

Training was going good today, until I strained my pec on bench press. I was on my 3rd rep with 310 and in the bottom position felt quite a bit of pain. I finished the rep and racked it up. I also didn't do any more bench after that. It's nothing major, but frustrating none-the-less.


My diet is on point and I continue to get leaner weekly. Although the scale has been stuck in the low 200#s for a while. I'm back down to my lowest weight of 202# today, which I've been around for 3 weeks now. But I'm visible much leaner, so if there's some body recomp going on I won't complain. I'm still 11 weeks out, so I've got time to get the scale down. No worries there.

A. Log Clean & Press

B1. Bench Press
310x3 - Stopped here due to pec strain.

B2. Chest Supported Row

C1. Cross Body Hammer Curl
4 sets of 15

C2. Band Tricep Pressdowns
4 sets of 25

D1. Hanging Leg Raises
3 sets of 12

D2. Rollouts
3 sets of 12

Ready to Pull on Wednesday,
Chase Karnes

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