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1/21/2014 11:42:29 AM - Mark Dugdale
Legs 1.20.14

Last week’s leg workout was brutal so I kind of figured John might back off on the volume this week. Umm…no, not really, lol. This was fun nonetheless.

Here is what the workout looked like…

Lying Leg Curls

Set 1 x 10 reps with 65lbs (warm-up)
Set 2 x 10 reps with 80lbs (warm-up)
Set 3 x 10 reps with 95lbs (warm-up)
Sets 4 thru 6 x 10 reps with 125lbs
Set 5 x 10 reps with 125lbs -> drop to 80lbs for 10 reps -> drop to 40lbs for 10 reps

*After performing some warm-ups I had my training partner press down on my lower back to force my hips into the pad. This makes the weight a lot harder and the contraction is intense. I finished my fourth working set by doing two drops for a total of 30 reps. Continue to have your training partner press down on your lower back on all drop sets. Hamstrings were blown up!


This set up went the exact same as last week, except on the final challenge set you must fight for more reps than last week. Here is what I did.

Set 1 x 12 reps with 135lbs (warm-up)
Set 2 x 10 reps with 185lbs (warm-up)
Set 3 x 10 reps with 225lbs (warm-up)
Set 4 x 6 reps with 225lbs + 2 chains each side (warm-up)
Set 5 x 6 reps with 225lbs + 4 chains each side (warm-up)
Set 6 x 6 reps with 275lbs + 4 chains each side (working set)
Set 7 x 15 reps with 315lbs + 4 chains each side (challenge set)

*After some higher rep warm-ups, move to sets of 6 reps. Work your way up to a tough weight and then do a challenge set for as many reps as you can get. Last week I got 12 reps on the challenge set and tonight I got 15.

Hack Squat 1.5’s

John said he did these with two 45’s on each side which I thought was a little light. I did it anyway and found it wasn’t light one bit…blew up my quads and these are like cardio!

Sets 1 thru 3 x 10 one-and-one-half reps with two 45’s on each side.

*These are performed whereby you go down all the way, come half-way back up, go back down all the way and then come up all the way. This is one rep, so 10 reps of 1.5’s.

Unilateral Leg Extensions Superset w/Dumbbell Squats

The main leg extension machine was in use so we decided to use the unilateral leg extension on the first exercise of the superset. These actually felt really good. We immediately followed the extension up with dumbbell squats using a 2.5lb plate under our heels for added focus on the quads.

Sets 1 thru 3 x 70lbs each leg on leg extensions (hold the contraction for 1-second)

Superset with…

Sets 1 thru 3 x 10 reps with 65lb dumbbells

This superset was a great quad finisher. No stiff-legs today as this week they will be performed on back day.

That concluded this leg workout!

Train to win,
Mark Dugdale

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