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1/25/2014 7:08:06 PM - Mark Dugdale
Arms & Calves 1.25.14

Heading into the final weeks of the Honey badger program by my coach, John Meadows. Today was biceps and triceps. I did some calves as well.

Here is the workout…

Hammer Curls + Partials

Set 1 x 15 reps with 20lbs (warm-up)
Sets 2 thru 4 x 12 reps with 35lbs + 4 partials out of the bottom

*I don’t know if it’s the Micro-PA product I’m now using by Biotest, but these blew my arms up from the very first set. Perform 12 full reps, squeezing at the top and lowering the weight in control before tacking on 4 partial reps out of the bottom on each set.

EZ Bar Curls + Partials

Sets 1 thru 3 x 6 reps with 80lbs + 6 partial out of the bottom

Preacher Curls

Sets 1 thru 4 x 6 reps with 70lbs

*The key on these is to flex as hard as possible at the top and then lower the weight for a 4-second count on every rep. Eccentric overload!

V-Bar Pushdowns

Set 1 x 15 reps with 70lbs (warm-up)
Set 2 x 15 reps with 110lbs (warm-up)
Set 3 x 20 reps with 160lbs (working set)
Set 4 x 15 reps with 170lbs
Set 5 x 12 reps with 180lbs
Set 6 x 10 reps with 190lbs
Set 7 x 8 reps with 200lbs

*Five total working sets pyramiding up in weight. Keep the weight moving on these today, without holding in the flexed position as normal.

Single Arm Cable Pushdowns

Sets 1 thru 5 x 6 reps with 70lbs

*Stand a few feet back, facing the weight stack and bending slightly at the waist. Pin your elbow to your side and flex hard for one second on every rep of each of the five sets.

Incline Lying Extensions

Sets 1 & 2 x 15 reps with 70lbs

As my triceps loosened up with the stretching I went up in weight for my last two sets.

Sets 3 & 4 x 15 reps with 90lbs

That concluded the biceps & triceps workout as designed by John Meadows. I did a few sets of calves today as follows:

Standing Calve Raise Superset w/Tibialis Curls

Sets 1 thru 4 x 10 reps + 10 partials on standing calve raises

Superset with…

Set 1 thru 4 x 10 reps + 10 partials working the tibialis via the lying hamstring curls

That concluded the workout for today!

Mark Dugdale

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