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1/30/2014 11:19:18 AM - ADam Driggers
An Exercise in Patience:

I wrote a little about this last week, but I wanted to revisit it with a video.
In the last two years I added to my deadlift training a very simple, but effective, training method that has helped me hit PRs in several of my last meets. It has nothing to do with heavy weight, and it is strictly for geared lifters. It's simple, as most things that are effective are. When things are too confusing few stick with them long enough to know if they are effective. This is really just an exercise in patience.

Check it out:

I have found that the tighter my deadlift suit straps are the more effective the suit is. Of course there comes a point when that quickly backfires. If the suit is so tight that you cannot set your hands properly on the bar, PR's are unlikely to follow. Your grip is sure to fail. To battle this I commonly put on my suit, pull the straps as tight as I can get them, painfully tight, and pull really light weight. You'll see in the video the weight is just 315 and the suit straps were as tight as I have ever had them.


Well, patience is the hardest part of a geared pull. A tight suit will force you to rush your set-up. A rushed set-up means failure with anything close to max weight. You need to be able to get your hands set on the bar. You need to be able to get your hips in place. You need to get your back straight and shoulders back. All that can go out the window if your gasping for air and you panic. So I train myself not to panic even in the most uncomfortable situation. Why do I use light weight? Because I don't need to worry about the weight coming off the floor. The actual weight is the last thing on my mind. So light that it doesn't enter my mind at all. I'm not building strength here, I'm working my form in a really tight suit. I force myself to the bar. I force myself to breathe as well as I can. I force my hips down. And finally I force my back to get tight and my shoulders back.

I should say I try. Remember this is practice and you'll see in the video that I rush it in spite of what I'm trying to do. It's practice after all. I'm training myself not rush my set-up. I want to get it right.

Adam Driggers

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