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1/31/2014 1:07:29 PM -
Friday - Rack Pulls and Miscellaneous

I had no desire to train again today. I really should corral my sleeping habits. Actually, when I sleep, I sleep soundly. I just don't get enough. I'm that dum dum who feels like I'll miss something if I go to sleep. Yet, I'm sitting on my couch watching TV or strumming the guitar. I get lost in the guitar. I'm terrible, but I enjoy it. The TV part bugs me, though. Rarely will I stay up and watch liver TV. No, it's recorded TV that keeps the midnight oil burning. And, it's the recorded TV that has built up. Multiple episodes of Justified, Revolution, Family Guy, Archer, Legit... Stuff that has been on my DVR for 2-3 weeks. But, tonight has to be the night. Gotta watch all of the episodes in the same night. I'm a dumbass.

Nonetheless, this is what happened today before we got on the bus for Fordham.

Leg Curls/Leg Extensions
50 reps of each
Rack Pulls

Slight break here to warm-up basketball

GHR/Shrugs/Low Rows/Bent Rows/Side Raises
3 sets of each

Took a break to get training table. Nice meal today. They had chicken, mixed vegetables, broccoli macaroni and cheese, fruit and oatmeal cookies.

When I got back I talked some trash to my boss and the interns. Which, by the way, are pretty solid this semester. I think we may churn out 2-3 that I'll be able to give recommendations for. At the very least we'll have a buttload of kids to clean the weight room.

Anyway, I finished with:

DB Curls/Pushdowns
100 reps / 50 reps

Matt Rhodes

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