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2/3/2014 12:05:46 PM - Dave Kirschen
Raw Work, and RPS Meet report (my training partners, not me)

I am currently training for the XPC Finals at the Arnold Expo on February 28th. If you'd like to follow along, you can see my program laid out week-by-week here.

Still catching up, but thankfully, these two sessions were short, followed by a deload the next week.

Wednesday (1/22) was a block deadlift day. the previous week I went up to 425 for 5 singles and it was hard (I suck from this height). This week my back was feeling a bit stronger so I worked up to 455 for another 5 singles.

I still suck from this height, but this was easier than the previous week.

After the pulling, I did more dead-hypers, which I believe are getting my back healthier. I did 4 sets of 10 with 155, pausing at the top of each rep.

Thursday (1/23) was a floor press session. The previous week, I got up to 300 for 5 singles with relative ease. This week the target was 5 singles with 315, and it was just easy. I also made sure to exaggerate the pause at the bottom.

No squatting that weekend. it was a scheduled deload, which worked out perfectly, since my training partners Anthony Ditillo and Steve "Iron Ferret" Rizzo were competing in the RPS North American Championships. As always, the meet was exceptionally well run, despite about 140 lifters over the weekend.

Ferret lifted on day one, and had himself a pretty good day. He hit his first 500 squat, made a 20lb pr on his bench and while he had difficulties on the deadlift, he pulled enough for a pr total. The only challenge we faced, was sheilding the Ferret from his fans (mostly female) in between lifts.

Anthony had a rough day in the squats, only getting one in, but made up for it with his first 700 bench. He also attempted his first 700 deadlift, but rushed it a bit and just missed.

Great job on the prs guys!

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Dave Kirschen

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