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2/19/2014 7:14:06 AM -
Tuesday - Rack Pulls

Uninspired, to say the least.

Rack Pulls
GHR/Ab Rollouts
3 sets of each

I've come to a slight revelation. Well, not a revelation. It's not that big of a deal. I figured something out.

1. Training for a powerlifting meet is nothing short of awful. And, I'm not even training for a powerlifting meet. I'm just benching! It just sucks. It's so boring and as I get closer to the meet I'm getting in worse shape. Makes sense, right? The closer you get to competition the worse shape you get in. After all, in EVERY other "sport" (I can't call powerlifting a real sport) you build your conditioning and strength up to peak. Not in powerlifting. You actually get in worse shape as the meet gets closer. STUPID!

2. Not squatting removes all motivation to give a shit about training. I know I'm supposed to care about benching. "They" tell me I should, but who cares? Without squatting training is just working out.

3. I'm in the doldrums of training. I've been at meet prep for about 10 weeks. With 5 weeks still remaining, I'm just sick of it. But, at this point I need to be even more motivated. The "grind", as some would call it, is getting old.

4. This is my "revelation" of sorts... I can't stand training for a meet, but it gives me purpose and an end goal in my training. Training with no meet is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more fun. I can follow a very simple plan and do anything I want. I can train 3 days a week... 4 days a week. Hell, I could even do an "arm day." I'll never do this, but I could.

5. Conclusion: I can't wait to get hip surgery and start rehab. I plan on doing 3 training days (full body). I'll work my squat and deadlift and then do all upper body fluff and puff. Before the workouts I'll do my specific rehab. On Tuesday and Thursdays I'll do my specific rehab and some treadmill work. Or whatever they tell me is best for the hip as far as conditioning goes. "They" tell me rehab from hip surgery is about 6 weeks. So, I'll hammer this out for 6 weeks. At the end, I'll see if I want to continue this training or go back to my 4 days of 2 lower and 2 upper days.

6. Oh, and I'm trying to care about the bench meet. Sounds odd. I will compete, no matter what. I'm just not committed to doing what "I'm supposed to do."

As I write this, I'm hoping I'll become angry with myself and snap out of the training apathy phase I'm going through. Writing has not had the effect I was looking for.

Mostly, I'm thinking about the 2 brownie batter donuts from DD that Loryssa is coming back with. To all you Carb Vampires out there, I'm eating donuts and the sun is up!!!!!!!!!! And, I'm not fat. HAHAHAHA! I just blew your mind.

Matt Rhodes

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