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3/2/2014 10:47:54 PM -
Not All Grippers Are Created Equal: My Rating Results

Closing the 2.5 consistently enough to get certified has been an on going challenge for me. Based on how close I was to closing the 2.5 when I certified on the 2, never in a million years would I have guessed I would not be certified at this point. In the summer 2013 I closed the 2.5 in training and since that time there has not been a tremendous amount of progress.

Jedd has been my gripper coach throughout most of my time training grip. After many suggestions that I ignored, I finally listened to Jedd and sent him two of my grippers to be rated a couple of weeks ago.

Rating grippers is the method used in Grip Sport to uniformly compare and assign a pound rating for closing grippers. Each manufacturer has their own rating system assigned to their grippers and these rating systems do not correlate amongst the different gripper companies. Gripper rating levels the playing field. If you have a gripper from Company X and another one from Company Y, the process of gripper rating sheds some light on how heavy or light each individual gripper is in relation to one another. In Grip Sport multiple manufacturer's grippers can be used in an event. The rating process allows that carry over to occur.

This process also brings to light variations in gripper ratings from one company. A company can have an assigned poundage to a gripper, yet the RGC System identifies inconsistencies in the original rating. However, there is far more benefit to this process. Another useful application for this process is for comparison for precise training.

Here is what Jedd had to say regarding my grippers.

*video posted with permission*

My gripper ratings are:

2.0 - 107.5 lbs. RGC Rating/195 lbs., Manufacturer Rating

2.5 - 133.75 lbs RGC Rating/237.5 lbs Manufacturer Rating

These ratings represent approximately a 25% increase. Let's put that in perspective.
If we are talking a 25% increase in a bench press, that is like jumping from a 400 lb bench up to 500 lbs bench and the only tools the lifter is using is loading the bar up to 500 lbs and hoping one of these times 500 lbs actually gets locked out.

OR...repping away on 400 lbs with the hopes of eventually getting to a 500 lb bench. Training and programming must be far more precise in an effort to make that type of a gain with the bench.

Of course putting 100 lbs on a bench press is going to take much longer than adding 25% to a gripper. However, having my grippers rated brought to light how I can more effectively train my grippers in an effort to tackle certification on the 2.5.

At this stage of the game anything that can help me close the 2.5 consistently enough to get certified is valuable and worthwhile in my book.

125.8 Gripper Is On It's Way,
Amy Wattles

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