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3/5/2014 6:34:18 PM - Andy Deck
Bench/DL & How Not to Quit

Wed, 5 Mar 14

Axle Bench (i.e. Fat Bar Bench for the non-strongman indoctrinated)

What follows is pretty much a rough idea of WTF you should do when you go to train and you are feeling sick or tired or something feels tweaked and wonky. Instead of just quitting and giving up like a soggy soup sandwich.

4x315 - Right oblique felt funky even though the weight was easy.
2x365 - Put capsaicin on my whiny oblique and added my alpha core to keep it warm. Felt fine as long as I didn't try to tug fast off the floor.
5x395 - Still felt fine with controlled speed.
5x460 - Added belt for extra support even though I normally wouldn't have worn it on this set. Felt ok.
1x520 - This was supposed to be 5x5x520, but I felt a twinge in my oblique after I cleared my knees even through the fiery burning in a roll-on tube that I had applied three sets ago. Stopped here to prevent stupidity. At this point I can no longer reasonably do what I had planned for the day so I dropped the weight to try to do the last weight that had felt ok.
1x460 - Same funny feeling and I didn't like it, so after much cursing and self weakman shaming I dropped down to something I knew should be effing simple as a last resort to at least get some light work in.
5x5x315 - I probably could have done a little heavier, but I didn't want to keep overstressing the area so I made a bigger drop. If this had still been bad I would have called it for deads, but it was very easy with no feeling of funk from my flank.

Rack Rope Inverted Rows (changed from Axle DB Rows due to oblique)
3x8x40 lb vest = Feet were above starting shoulder height.

Single Leg Hypers
2x8eax10btn - Right side felt weak(er).

This was overall not a great training day, but I still managed to feel like I did more than just warmup and stretch and I definitely had a sweet low back pump at the end. It's almost selfie season, Jeff Sweet. So that means I gotta blast the glutes and low back to get ready for the beach.

Always hit the standing switch,
Andy Deck

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