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3/11/2014 9:45:36 AM - Chase Karnes
New Training Block + Day 1 Upper Body

I am currently training for the task of becoming a new dad while balancing training, work, buying a new house, moving and life... While preparing for my next competition, St. Louis' Strongest Man. This will be held on May 10th. I’ll be competing in the Lightweight 231# division. I also will also be defending my title as St. Louis' Strongest Man 2013.

I started my next training block yesterday. This training block I’ve got a few goals I’m working on. Since I’m coming off of a serious contest prep and serious diet/calorie deficit my goals are twofold.

I’ll gradually be increasing my calories coming off this diet and eventually going into a calorie surplus over the next few weeks. I’ll also be increasing my volume across the board over the next few weeks – going into a hypertrophy phase. I will be competing in May to go ahead and re-qualify for Nationals for this year, but I plan to treat it more of a training day and not train as specific for this contest as I would a bigger contest like Worlds or Nationals. I like to get qualified as far out from Nationals as I can so I can plan out my programming longer term.

I’m also planning to utilize the increased muscle mass to help push up my squat, deadlift and overhead in the upcoming months as Nationals gets closer.

So this phase I’m looking to add some muscle – especially with the squat and press volume. From an event standpoint my main focus is increasing foot speed, so most of my moving event work will be submax and not increasing in weight until I’ve hit set time goals for a set distance. So this won’t be as taxing as heavy moving event work would.

I’ll be using my 14-day rotating split and also adding in some new EliteFTS specialty bars:

*SS Yoke Bar™ ( Safety Squat Bar )

elitefts™ Swiss Press Bar

With moving to a new house next week and the baby coming any day now – I’ll for sure be hitting 2 sessions a week. I’ve got a 3rd day programmed and plan to try to hit this day as well, but if things get a little crazy I’ll still be hitting 2 days minimum.

Here is how yesterday went down:


A. Log Clean & Press (clean once)


B1. Strict Overhead


B2. Chin Ups

4 sets of 6

C. Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs

3 sets of 9

D1. Cross Body Hammer Curl

2 sets of 12

D2. Face Pulls

2 sets of 20

Ready to increase that volume,
Chase Karnes

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