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3/16/2014 2:08:04 PM -
Chest training & Stupid Top 10 Lists

Log Intro:

I've been trying to come up with a new log into that will provide a summary of who I am and why I train. I suppose this will be done in phases. First...

* I competed in Powerlifting from 83-05

* I have a list of surgeries and injuries I will post later but I have more than paid my dues.

* Husband since 95 - She is also my business partner and the COO of Not always easy but we keep finding our way.

* Father of 2 (one with Autism and another that drives me insane 1/2 the time). I love them both greatly and do not believe in quality time but quantity time. I do thinking creating great memories is important but not as much as "being there". Because of this I work a lot of strange and odd hours.

* Business Owner

* I still train my ass off!

I also coach other lifters and mentor business owners when I have time.

Through my log I will share my story.



First, this did not start out as a good day. I have put a lot of millage on my body and have paid my dues. This morning (like many others) I was reminded of them. It usually takes me a couple hours to get up and out the door. I woke up feeling like my neck was broke, my knee was killing me, my back was trashed and as soon as I stepped out of bed and felt the heal pain I knew this was going to take sometime to get up. I sent a text out to my training partner telling him I was going to be late. After coffee, contrast shower and some food I was ready to go.

Once I got to the gym I had Ryan (my training partner is a chiropractor) adjust me and I was almost normal. Normal enough to train.

* tons and tons of warm up sets
* 70 for 8 (felt like hell)
* 70 for 8 (not as bad but forearm hurt like hell)
* 70 for 8 (felt normal)
* 90 for 10 (felt good)
* 115 for 8 (felt okay but to go up was pressing my luck. Could have been worse so this was a good start.

*set so 95 pounds was reduced at chest level and all weight was loaded at top.
* 95x10, 95x10, 95x10
* 135x15
* 185x15
* 225x15
* 275x15
* 315x15
-- Keep tempo slower to focus on keeping the muscle tight and controlled.

* I love these because I get a great contraction at the top and it doesn't destroy my shoulders at the bottom
* 6 sets of 12-15 (to failure)


Fat Rope Pushdowns
Reverse Grip Pushdowns
Med Ball Smash Downs
* 4 rotations of 15-20 reps (to failure)

One thing that drives me NUTS are reading lists of "10 things you must do, or things you need to know and then seeing shit like this...

1. Make sure to drink water

2. Get 8 hours of sleep

3. Don't piss away money on bogus supplements

4. lift heavy shit

5. Don't drink soda

6. Don't stress out

7. Brush your teeth

8. Get rid of clutter

9. Eat unprocessed food

1o. Stick to the basics

How may times are we going to read this recycled shit?

Just for once I would like to read something original.

The thing that gets me is that the "GURUs" and "Leaders of the Industry" are posting this shit. I understand it's very hard to come up with ideas to write about but posting the same crap other people have posted 100000x is lazy or your just stupid.

In contrast this is taken from the table of contents from a 6th Grade Health Book. Any 6th grader that passes this class would be able to provide better "heath tips" than the leaders of the industry.

5. Promoting Mental and Emotional Health

6. Promoting Healthy Eating

7. Promoting Physical Activity

8. Promoting Safety and Preventing Unintentional Injury

9. Promoting Personal Health and Wellness

10. Preventing Intentional Injuries and Violence

11. Promoting a Tobacco-Free Lifestyle

12. Promoting an Alcohol- and Other Drug-Free Lifestyle

13. Promoting Sexual Health

14. Managing Loss, Death, and Grief

Now that I have posted this there will be mad rush to buy 6th grade health books so these guys can upgrade their tip lists.


So let me be the first to say,

* Wear a condom

* Wear your seat belt

* Avoid Alcohol

* Don't spend the night at the crack house

* Take a shower every now and then

If you do these things you will be able to...

- ask the Police Officer to drop you off at the gym after rolling you car.

- Not be a 600 plus bench presser asking to have 275 pulled off him after getting smashed.

- You will not get sprayed down with Lysol
in the middle of the gym

- Your crotch will not feel on fire every time your suit applies pressure to you.

FYI - all the above are true stories so ALL of my tips DO have real meaning and can negatively impact your training FAST. Not over the course of years and years.

Dave Tate

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