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3/17/2014 4:02:29 PM -
Picture recipe: The Return of Minx's "Make-It Monday": Chicken Si Ew!

Minx's "Make-It Monday": Chicken Si Ew!

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Another “Just Thai It, You’ll Like It” Recipe: Chicken Si Ew

You Will Need:

*2lbs Chicken Thighs

*3 Broccoli Crowns, Chopped

*8 oz White Mushrooms, Chopped

*One Egg

*1 Pkg (7-10 oz) Rice Noodles

*5 TBS Soy Sauce

*2 TBS Oyster Sauce

*3 TBS Fish Sauce

*3 Heaping TSP Brown Sugar

*Dash Red Pepper Flakes

*1 TBS Minced Garlic

*Oil for stir-frying (I use coconut, but olive works fine too)

Matt and I really enjoy Thai food, and as is my custom I decided to try making this restaurant favorite at home. All of these ingredients can be found at most grocery stores (I use Harris Teeter when I’m pressed for time), but I would also encourage you to find a local Asian market for the most authentic flavors. Commercialized brands don’t always stay true to cultural traditions. You can find varying brands of rice noodles; I prefer pre-portioned nests so I can make sure the recipe ingredient ratio is correct. Ideally, you want somewhere around 8 oz of noodles.

Fish Sauce & Oyster Sauce:

Let’s get started by making a mess of your chicken thighs. Let’s face it- thighs aren’t the easiest to cut into uniform pieces, so just roll with it. Try to make sure the pieces are 1 inch or less so they’ll cook quickly. Throw them into a bowl and let’s serenade… uh… marinate them. Sorry, I’m screaming the words to

THIS right now-

No one’s around. Break out the AquaNet hairspray and sing your heart out…

Go Ahead & Serenade While You’re Makin’ Marinade…

*2 TBS Oyster Sauce

*2 TBS Soy Sauce

*1 Heaping TSP Brown Sugar

*Dash Red Pepper Flakes

Stir this well, making sure all the meat is well covered. It also helps to point at it and talk in a stern voice. Say things like “Aw, you’ve done it, now. You’re ‘bout to get tenderized, you hear me? Suck it up, you chicken!” I’ve heard that really helps the meat absorb good flavor...

Now, while the meat is marinating, let’s bring a pot of water to a boil and start our Rice Noodles. It only takes about five minutes to finish them, so you don’t want to start them too early. Noodles that are overdone tend to get mushy and break easily, and that will turn our Si Ew into “Si Ewwwww”.

Go ahead and wash and chop your broccoli and mushrooms. Once that’s done, get a pan real hot and add in a couple tablespoons of oil with your minced garlic. I personally love unrefined extra virgin coconut oil, and I get several 54oz jars at a time online for around $25 apiece.

“Well, You Know I Like My Chicken (Stir) Fried…”

Stir fry your chicken for about three minutes. Cover with a lid to help cook the chicken through, and let it develop a good sear. If you get too much liquid in your pan, go ahead and drain it off. We’ll be adding stir fry sauce shortly. Add in your vegetables and stir fry for an additional minute. This is really a pretty short time; you want your broccoli and mushrooms to be very crisp.

In a small bowl, throw in 3 TBS Soy Sauce, 2 heaping TSP brown sugar and 3 TBS Fish Sauce. This will be the final “dressing” for our Si Ew.

Using a spatula, make a small hole in the middle of your pan, and break your egg inside. Scramble the egg for about a minute, then fold it into the rest of your chicken and vegetables.

Time Out For A Second-

Are your rice noodles still boiling? If they are, it’s because you didn’t set the timer for five minutes, you Dufus. What would you do without me? Drain your noodles in a colander, and dump them right on top of your egg-chicken-veggie mix. Pour your Stir Fry Sauce over top the noodles, and be sure to scrape the brown sugar from the bottom of the bowl.

Using tongs, gently wiggle your noodles apart and fold them into your chicken mix. Take care with this so you don’t break them. If your noodles are breaking apart very easily, it’s probably because you overcooked them. Note for next time- set the timer.

Enjoy!! And don’t forget to Send Me Your Reviews HERE!

Yay For "Make-It" Mondays!!,
Hannah Johnson

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