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3/20/2014 10:03:25 AM -
10/20/LIFEā„¢ week 2 - day 3 - Squat/DL assistance

I'm working all 3 lifts on Saturday right now - and the other days are supplemental - to build up (even more) load tolerance in my lower back. The issue is moving from the bench to dead. I'm thinking this will be a good trial run over the next couple months.

I did have a phone convo with Dr. Mcgill on Saturday, and He agreed that this is a good theory and sound logic, but we will have to see how it plays out.

Here is the mcgill pull-up that I get a lot of questions about:

normal warm-up...

Mcgill pull-up: 10 singles - some neutral, some medium wide
Barbell rows: 3x6 - 185
Sumo Barbell shrugs: 3x10 up to 405 DOH(double overhand)
One arm KB swing: 3x10 ea side
Goblet squat 3x10
GHR: 3x6
Rolling plank with side bridge: 50

Good training session last night. Still attacking things that I think are weak points - my back as a whole, my hip mobility is hit or miss and hamstrings.

We move at a pretty fast pace with this session, much like monday - so its fun right now.

I'll be adding more weight over the next few weeks too.

Looking forward to building up my bench and DL over the next few months as they need the work more than my squat.

I'm also going to be working up to some higher weights on my 3 lift combo day(saturday) so that will be fun. I'll be sure to get video too.

As always, let me know if you need anything.

**ebook launch should be at the end of the month/early April. Keep an eye out for this as well as a crap load of article and video content.

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