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3/31/2014 3:33:27 PM - Chase Karnes
2 Tips For Using The Swiss Press Bar

So far I'm loving my new elitefts™ Swiss Press Bar. I've been using it on bench press and for hammer curls myself. And have had clients using it from everything from overhead press to incline bench to even elevated rack push ups for the newer lifters.

But I've came up with two things to make this bar easier to use.

1. The bar is 35 pounds empty. If you're like me and you're great at meathead math (you can add the weight on a bar in your head very quickly), but suck at real math. Then it's really easy to misload this bar. So to fix this problem throw a 5 pound plate on each side of the bar before you load it. Now the bar is 45 pounds and makes for much quicker math.

2. I like to vary my grips. But keeping up with which grip I used in my log was confusing. Sometimes I'd count the grips from the outside in (1,2,3,4) and others I'd do it form the inside out (1,2,3,4). This became a problem as I'd forget which way I the counted last time. So to solve this I took a paint pen and marked them 1-4. Now it's easier to keep a more detailed log and track sets/reps/weight at each grip.

Meathead Math, Not Methhead Math,
Chase Karnes

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