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4/5/2014 4:33:14 PM - Chase Karnes
Deadlifts & The Birth of my Son

I am currently training for the task of becoming a new dad while balancing training, work, buying a new house, moving and life... While preparing for my next competition, St. Louis' Strongest Man. This will be held on May 10th. I’ll be competing in the Lightweight 231# division. I also will also be defending my title as St. Louis' Strongest Man 2013.

Mason Blake Karnes

What a crazy week it has been. Tuesday morning my wife and I went in for her routine weekly Doctor appointment at 9:30am. We both came from work and both planned to go back to work after the appointment. But after the Ultrasound our Doctor decided that my wife needed to be admitted to the Hospital and go ahead and induce labor on Wednesday morning at 6am. So we went straight from the Doctors office into the labor and delivery unit at the Hospital - which was in the same hospital as our Doctors office. They got my wife a bed and started her on an IV medicine that would help make the induction easier on Wednesday morning. Since we had came from work and hadn't planned on the induction we had none of our bags that we had packed for the hospital for when she went into labor. The nurses said that I should have plenty of time to go home and get them and that really nothing should happen until the induction started the next morning. My wife also knew I deadlifted on Wednesday so she suggested I go ahead and stop by the gym and at least get my deadlifts in for the week. So I headed home, got our bags together along with some food and did a few chores.

Some food/drink for the Hospital

On my way back to the hospital I stopped at the gym. I did my general warm up and then had just pulled 135 for some reps. I then heard my phone ringing so I checked it incase my wife was calling because she needed something. She was crying and said I needed to get there ASAP they were fixing to do an emergency C-section. The medicine they were giving her was causing contractions (it was supposed to), but they were squeezing him so tight that his heart rate was dropping from 140bpm to 40-50 bpm. I ran out of the gym, jumped in my car and drove 70mph to the hospital (the speed limit is 25mph and just a few blocks from the gym). I ran from the parking garage in a dead sprint all the way to her room. They threw me some scrubs and we headed into the operating room. A few minutes later my healthy baby boy was right in front of me getting cleaned up. Everything turned out perfect, but it was a scary few minutes.

We stayed in the Hospital a few days and got home very late on Thursday night. Little Mason and Mommy are both doing great.

Skilled Selfie with my Little Man

Today I took a few minutes to head out and get a short training session in.


A. Deadlift (touch and go)
555x6 - PR

B1. Snatch Grip Deadlift (dead stop on each rep & beltless)

B2. Rollouts
3 sets of 15

First Training Session as a Dad,
Chase Karnes

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