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4/7/2014 6:26:31 PM - Mark Dugdale
Chest & Shoulders 4.6.14

This is my Sunday chest and shoulder workout as part of John Meadows Executioner Program. I was training with my chiropractor who’s the only one willing to get up and train at 7am on a Sunday, but unfortunately he tweaked his pec on our first exercise and might be out for a while. Thankfully, I still feel good training 13 times per week as I prepare for May competitions. Here is what the workout included…

Decline Smith Presses

Set 1 x 25 reps with 135lbs (warm-up)
Set 2 x 25 reps with 135lbs (warm-up)
Set 3 x 28 reps with 185lbs
Set 4 x 18 reps with 225lbs
Set 5 x 14 reps with 275lbs
Set 6 x 8 reps with 315lbs

*I used a slight angle on the decline bench. On the reps I touched my chest, but stopped short of lockout. The idea is to go to failure on each working set. Ideally you will chose a weight in which you will fail around 20-25 reps on the first set. I went a little too light. Take jumps of roughly 40lbs in weight on each of the next three sets and go to failure. The reps listed is how many I got before failure.

Flat Barbell Bench Press

I had been using chains on these for the past several weeks so this time I just did the weight without chains.

Set 1 x 5 reps with 135lbs (feeder set)
Set 2 x 5 reps with 225lbs
Set 3 x 5 reps with 245lbs
Set 4 x 5 reps with 265lbs
Set 5 x 5 reps with 285lbs
Set 6 x 5 reps with 295lbs

*My training partner stopped after tweaking his pec on decline smith presses so I shortened my rest periods up to less than 1 minute on the 5 sets of 5 reps. This got tough quick after the declines.

Incline Dumbbell Presses

Similar to last week, but with a slight incline; perform these with a full range of motion and 1 second flex at the top on each rep.

Sets 1 thru 4 x 8 reps with 80lbs
DROP -> 60lbs x 8 reps
DROP -> 50lbs x 8 reps
HOLD -> in stretched position for 20 seconds

The fourth set includes a double drop along with a hold in the stretched position. Ideally you will have your training partner add gentle resistance on the stretch for 10 seconds, but I didn’t have a partner so I held the 50’s in the stretched position for 20 seconds.

Rear Delt Dumbbells

Once again the rear delt/reverse pec flye machine sucks at Eastside for these so I did them lying face down on an incline bench and used a full range of motion and pumping out the reps.

Sets 1 thru 3 x 30 reps with 30lbs

Hammer Strength Shoulder Press

Set 1 x 10 reps with two 45lb plates each side (too light so didn’t count this as a working set)
Sets 2 thru 4 x 10 reps with two 45lb and one 25lb plate each side

*The key here is to work the top half of the range of motion and flex hard for a split second at the top. Don’t just lock the arms and rest, but consciously contract the delts hard.

Dumbbell Side Laterals

Set 1 x 10 reps with 20lbs (feeder set)
Set 2 x 10 reps with 40lbs
Set 3 x 10 reps with 40lbs (form got sloppy so dropped down on the next two sets)
Set 4 and 5 x 10 reps each set with 35lbs

*Nothing fancy here, just maintain perfect form. I had to drop down in weight the last two sets to ensure my form was perfect.

That concluded this chest and shoulder workout!

Train hard,
Mark Dugdale

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