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4/8/2014 6:09:48 AM - Andy Deck
Heavy Event Training with Video of the Car Carry!

Sun, 6 April 14

Today I headed to the Edge 2.0 to train events for the upcoming 4th Annual Capitol Classic Strongman Challenge (entry available here) with Gregg and Ryan. I managed to cover all my major body segments with some type of hideous bruise or abrasion and I also had the pleasure of meeting strongman and powerlifter Mark Keshishian (namesake of the Keshishian Clean) so I would have to say that a good time was had by all.

2.5" Non-Rotating Axle C&P
2xpress complex x 160
1x300 - Missed my second press because of stoopid and launched the plates off one end when the implement hit the ground.

For the non-strongman indoctrinated or the noobs, the diameter of an axle (i.e. fat bar) makes a big difference in the difficulty of the clean and the press, and when it is welded so that the tires cannot rotate, it makes the clean that much more difficult. For example, I can power clean 270-280 double overhand on a 2" axle, but could not even get the bar up to my belly with 270 using a DO grip on the 2.5" axle. This forced me to change my technique and go with a mixed grip off the floor to start.

Tire Flip
5x650/2x957 - These were some of the slowest and laziest tire flips I have ever done. I'm actually surprised I completed them all.

Car Carry!!!
60'xcar - This was my first experience carrying a car and was almost as awesome as the first time I loaded an atlas stone. I was dragging the front end a little bit on my first run, but got a better pick on the second run and was able to go faster and stay tighter.

Atlas Stones to 52"
4x215 - Shouldering.
1x300/1x330/1x350/0x400 - Not happy about missing the 400.
0x400 - I missed loading the 400 twice here, but both the picks on it were good.
1x400 - Again I missed the first load, but brought it back into my lap and nailed it like a split hog on the second go round. I actually had the first attempt up on the lip of the platform, but I was stuck to the stone so well that I brought it back down with me rather than leaving it up there.

After all this, me training partners and I walked across the way to Robert's House of Kabobs and get some mighty fine meat cubes that we couldn't pronounce when we ordered them (chenjeh maybe?). Today was overall outstanding and I am looking forward to the competition in 3 more weeks.

Always hit the standing switch,
Andy Deck

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