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4/8/2014 10:09:48 AM - Chase Karnes
My Current Training and Nutrition Plans

I am currently training for the task of becoming a new dad while balancing training, work, buying a new house, moving and life... While preparing for my next competition, St. Louis' Strongest Man. This will be held on May 10th. I’ll be competing in the Lightweight 231# division. I also will also be defending my title as St. Louis' Strongest Man 2013.

Yesterday morning I was up around 3am with my little man because he was being fussy. Since mommy is the one up with him most of the time feeding him during the night and she had just fed him, I got up with him. We came into the living room to drink coffee (me, not him) and let her get some sleep. During this time I did some thinking about my training and nutrition. I wouldn’t say I had any revelations, but I did have some ideas that I’m implementing for various reasons.

Some of these ideas came to me on Sunday afternoon when I pushing the Prowler. Well after I was finished and able to think clearly. But I was able to organize my thoughts yesterday morning. Since I didn’t train events this weekend I wanted to get some conditioning in. So I ran some Prowler sprints. Once I recovered I felt great. I had forgotten how good I feel after doing some hard conditioning or even just lower intensity cardio. I always think clearer and have more energy and feel great. Plus with a tiny human to take care of my health is that much more important (not that it wasn’t before, but having a baby makes you evaluate these things). All of these coupled with my wifey wanting to get her pre-baby body back soon I’ve decided to add in more conditioning/cardio. This is something we can do together which will make it more enjoyable for both of us. And since we moved into our new neighborhood I now have a place to push the prowler at home, two great places to walk long distances (one paved, one grass) and somewhere to run sprints and hill sprints.

So my new plan is to do something physical every day. My template as of now:

Sunday: Prowler/Sprints

Monday: Overhead/Bench

Tuesday: Low intensity walking w/weighted vest

Wednesday: Squat/Deadlift

Thursday: Prowler/Sprints

Friday: Low intensity walking w/weighted vest

Saturday: Strongman Event Day

A closer look at my lifting days:

Week A.

Log Clean & Press
Pull Ups
Lat Pull Downs
Face Pulls

SSB Squat
Hanging Leg Raises

Yoke Squat
Farmer/Sandbag Medley

Week B.

Bench Press
Swiss Bar Bench
1-Arm DB Row
Blast Strap Row
Swiss Bar Curls

Snatch Grip Deadlift
Hanging Leg Raises

Saturday: (Optional)
Yoke Walk

My strength may take a slight dip at first due to the added conditioning. If it does it’ll bounce back once I adapt. But I’m planning to ease into things so this shouldn’t be an issue. Plus I’ll be approaching each training session with the goal of not letting that happen.

I should also note that I don't plan on doing any crazy amounts or duration on the cardio/conditioning side of things. Just 15-30 minutes of moving, getting my heart rate up and doing some work.

On the nutrition side of things I’ve reverse dieted for a few weeks after The Arnold and I’m sitting around 202 in the morning. I’m now planning to increase my calories since I’m ramping up training volume with the goals of adding some muscle mass. My big lifts will start with more strength based work, followed by back-off sets or a variation of the main lift for more volume. With the increased volume, added cardio/conditioning and goal of putting on some size my calories will be adjusted based on feedback from my training. I’m also playing with some intra-workout ideas inspired by John Meadows and some work I’ve read from teammate Fred Duncan.

Off Days:

Meal 1: Protein shake w/added fat (whey/beef protein)

Meal 2: Chicken, spinach, olive oil/vinegar dressing

Meal 3: Beef, Veggies

Meal 4: Beef, Rice/Potatoes, Veggies

After Meal 4-Bedtime: Whatever I choose to hit my macros for the rest of the day. This will be mostly clean choices.

Training (Lifting) Days:

Meal 1: Protein shake w/added fat (whey/beef protein)

Meal 2: Chicken, spinach, olive oil/vinegar dressing

Pre-Workout: 7g BCAAs

During Workout: Hydro Whey/Carbs (75g protein/150g carbs)

Meal 3: Turkey/Tuna/Roast Beef/Ham Sandwich on White Bread w/cheese

Meal 4: Beef, Rice/Potatoes, Veggies

After Meal 4-Bedtime: Whatever I choose to hit my macros for the rest of the day. This will be mostly clean choices.

So that’s what my current plans are on the training and nutrition front. I’m still planning to compete in "St. Louis’ Strongest Man" in May, but like I had said before I’m treating it more of a training day. My main goals are to put on some muscle mass so I’ve got to keep the goal the goal. But I do need to go ahead and qualify for Nationals and it’s a competition I enjoy competing in. And I’d prefer to get qualified sooner rather than later.

*While this is my current plan it is tentative. Life with a new baby will be a learning experience so I may have to modify things and I'm ok with that. I've taken off work all last week and this week to spend time with my baby and wife. Next week once I get back to work will really be the test.

Expect More From Yourself,
Chase Karnes

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