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4/11/2014 1:48:57 PM -
Overdue Update of a chaotic week

Things have been rather hectic this week and I haven't been able to train or get to therapy. I'm going to consider this a deload week. Here's how things have gone...

Sunday - I aggravated a heel spur on my left foot and could barely get around without crutches.

Monday - I got food poisoning or something and had awful stomach cramps and became great friends with my bathroom, Lynsey (daughter #2) also go sick from something and was up all night throwing up

Wednesday - I had to see the doctor about my heel because it wasn't getting any better so he prescribed anti-inflammatories along with ice and lots of stretching

Thursday - had an MRI and arthrogram done on my left shoulder since the pain has not subsided. The wife looked at the images and sees lots of fluid and possible bursitis, but I will find out more from my doc next Wednesday.

My heel is feeling much better today and I'm almost back to a normal gait so I'm assuming that in a couple more days I should be good to go. I believe that having begun to do more calf more contributed to the spur inflammation so I'll be cutting back a little on that.

I also had a scare at work to where I thought I was going to have to quit rather than get fired for saying something I shouldn't have, but it all got worked out and I'm back to work with a much different attitude.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping things will return to normal next week. I get to see my buddy Tom Waldrep this weekend so that's something to look forward to.

Jo Jordan

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