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4/14/2014 10:20:25 PM - Dave Kirschen
Raw squats and bench With Video

Last Sunday was a raw squat day at Eastside.

A couple of weeks ago I had worked up to a triple with 505 raw, which was a pr (I don't work up raw that often). This time, I was scheduled to hit a big single.

Warmed up with the bar (60), then went:

110 x 5
150 x 3
200 x 1
260 x 1
310 x 1
350 x 1
400 x 1
450 x 1
490 x 1
530 x 1

Oddly enough, the 490 without wraps felt better than the 53 with. Typically my first rep with wraps looks better than the previous, even with the weight jump. I think that I'm still a little loose in the bottom, which I guess is to be expected since I'm basically re-learning how to squat.

Monday was a bench day at Apollon

Since I had worked up in on my straight weight bench the week before, I decided on a close grip bench with 2 chains.

Went like this:

Bar x a bunch
95 x 5
Added chain x 3
135 x 1
185 x 1
225 x 1
275 x 1
285 x 1

The 285 was a little slow, but it was clean.

Didn't do anything the rest of the week. I've been REALLY distracted with both persona and professional matters that are taking precedence over training at the moment. Some of it good, some, not so much.

On another note, I have decided to compete in the WPC World's in November. Its a little sooner than I planned, as I wanted to take a year off from the platform, but i've always wanted to do a World's and I don't want to pass up the opportunity.

The only issue is that I will need to qualify at the APF seniors in June. Now this is WAY sooner than I planned on competing, But Since I only need to place 3rd to qualify, I am planning on going in at half-speed, and lifting only as much as I need to to make it into Worlds. I hate the idea of going into a meet at anything less than 100%, but in this situation I need to do what is smart and save myself for November. For my purposes, 3rd place is a win.

Although I really wanted to take a break, I want to lift on a true world stage even more.

Dave Kirschen

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