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4/29/2014 6:41:54 PM - Chase Karnes
Bench Press rep PR & Post Arnold Weight Gain w/PIC & More...

I am currently training for the task of becoming a new dad while balancing training, work, buying a new house, moving and life... While preparing for my next competition, St. Louis' Strongest Man. This will be held on May 10th. I’ll be competing in the Lightweight 231# division. I also will also be defending my title as St. Louis' Strongest Man 2013.

I was weighing 197 before cutting my water for The Arnold. Once I got home from The Arnold I started my reverse diet. It went pretty well. I reversed dieted for about 4 weeks gradually adding in calories. Then hung out around maintenance for a week before slowly increasing my calories to a surplus a few weeks ago. I did put on a little bit of fat, which I wanted to. I didn’t feel good as lean as I was. Especially moving heavy weights frequently. But I also was able to get my weight back up to 208 and leaner than I was previously at this weight. Some of that post diet muscle gain I hear bodybuilders talking about I'd say.

208# and going up

One thing dieting for The Arnold made me realize was that I could get pretty lean and still keep my strength. So this made me re-evaluate things from here forward. Since I normally compete at 200 – I’ve really stayed away from much direct hypertrophy work over the past few years. Mainly because my bodyweight stayed between 208-215 most of the time – and I knew I could cut from there to make 200 in a week to make weight when needed. But once I dieted down for The Arnold I was sitting at 198 and just as strong as I was at 215 on most lifts. This made me realize I could put on some muscle mass and still make the 200s. So at the moment I’m in a hypertrophy phase. I haven't trained with this much volume since at least 2007. I’m weighing 208 in the mornings and looking to slowly push that up to 215-220 over the upcoming months with minimal fat gain. If you’re interested in my calories and macros at the moment I went over that in this post: Chase Karnes Training Log

I’d eventually like to hit and maintain 225, but that’s a longer term goal. For the time being I don’t want to get over 220. If I could put on a solid 5-7 pounds of muscle over the upcoming months I’d be very happy.

On another note, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to attend NAS Strongman Nationals this year as they overlap a weekend that my wife has to be out of town for work. She has one mandatory travel trip a year and it just so happens to fall that weekend. I’m still undecided as the wife and I will discuss it closer to time. So until then my goals are putting on some lean mass and getting stronger. I’m really hoping I can make Nationals this fall though.

Training went well on Monday. I’m feeling pretty drained lately from the sleep disturbances from little man being hungry. But I’m mentally preparing for each session and my nutrition is dialed in. So that does help a bit.


A. Bench Press
345x3 - PR

B1. Swiss Bar Bench Press
210x10 (4)
210x10 (3)
210x10 (2)
210x10 (3)
175x10 (1)

B2. 1-Arm DB Row
2 sets of 20

B2. Blast Strap Row
3 sets of 10

C1. Barbell Curls
6 sets of 10

C2. Rollouts
5 sets of 12

Time to Grow,
Chase Karnes

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