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5/21/2014 10:48:30 AM - Andy Deck
Weightlifting PRs at American University w/ Video

Fri, 9 May 14

Nick O'Brien and I headed up to Washington, DC from our respective home bases to American University to visit with AU strength and conditioning coaches Sean Foster and Alex Lee, see the facilities, and do some weightlifting for turds and smiles. I really like what they are doing with the limited space they have to work with and the approach they are taking with their athletes and teams. There were several athletes training while we were there and everyone was doing awesome work in terms of exercises, technique, and intensity. And no one needed to clap or dish out any rah rah bullspit and wave their pompoms for the attitude and work ethic to be top notch. This speaks very well of Sean and Alex and I hope to make the trip to see them again sometime in the not too distant future. I should mention that prior to the light work I did during my 2 training sessions this week, I have not snatched in months and not heavy in probably close to a year. Likewise for cleans. I have been training continental cleans for strongman, but not real cleans. (Note: They are NOT called squat cleans. There is no such exercise. Get your terminology right, people. I'm mostly looking at you, crossfit.) Last time I went remotely heavy on cleans, I think I stopped at about 275 lb and again, that was months ago. So what I was able to do today was awesome to me, though I must attribute most of my success to training with quality equipment (needle bar, kilo plates, etc), in an environment that inspires greatness, with experienced coaches telling me how I was clarking up and what to do to fix it (thank you Alex, Sean, and Nick!).

**Note: All weights listed are in kg**

complex x 20
2x70 - Missed 1st rep
3x2x95 - Missed at least 5 times (maybe more, the batteries in my video camera were dying) before finally hitting 95 kilos for a PR
1x100 - PR! Of course after that I immediately nailed 100 kg, which was my goal for the day, and I shut it down and moved on to clean and jerk.

Clean & Jerk
complex x 20
1x130 - RAWL PR
1x140 - Added belt, alpha core, and wrist wraps cause that's how strongmen do it.
1x150 - PR for c&j. I have hit about 2kg higher on the clean only, but that was sans jerk afterward. This is also only 10kg off of my best jerk ever. And yes, I am aware that my jerk would not have counted in competition, but it would have been just fine for strongman or Super Swole Sunday.

I cannot thank Sean and Alex enough for letting Nick and I come train with them. I need to give the nod to Nick as well for hitting PRs and yelling at me not to kill myself, and the athletic training staff of AU for being awesome and coming in to train to actually compete in weightlifting! Imagine that, ATCs who actually lift weights and know how to train!

Always hit the standing switch,
Andy Deck

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