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5/26/2014 4:12:42 PM - Chase Karnes
Bench Press, Sling Shot Bench Press PR (VID) & OHP Volume

I am currently training to add some muscle mass and increase my strength during an off-season phase. My next competitive plans are undetermined at this time, but if my schedule allows I'll be doing NAS Strongman Nationals in October. I'm also adjusting to raising a new baby boy while still working, training and living life.

Shane Solomon, Marty Jackson, Myself

Yesterday I thought about going to a friends CrossFit facility today to do the WOD on Memorial Day. So I looked it up. I only read the first line, "Run 1 mile", and then stopped reading. No thanks. So I hit bench and OHP today instead. I only run push, pulling or carrying weight. Running is not for me.

In all seriousness - take a moment to think about what this day is really about and remember those who've gave the ultimate sacrifice.



Since I was benching today and I wasn't working I texted Shane Solomon to see if he wanted to Bench today. He was going to a gym across the river with Marty Jackson to a place I'd never trained. It was apparently an old school bodybuilding/powerlifting gym from back in the day. I decided to join them.

This place was pretty sweet. I don't think it has had anything new added since the 1970's. And probably hasn't been cleaned since then either. It had old pictures still on the walls that had been ripped from magazines and stapled to the wall. From Arnold to Ed Coan.


The bench was something that had been welded together by someone local I'm sure. And the pad on it felt like you were lying on bags of large marshmallows. In other words it wasn't the best bench to use, but it worked. It was definitely one of those gyms that had all you need to get strong. While I joking mention the quality of bench was less than what you'd find at most places - this place is still like it was training in the 1970s. This place made me feel like I was training then. It was pretty surreal and I'll definitely go back again.

I had a pretty good session. I was programmed to work up pretty heavy today. So I hit a heavy raw single. Then I decided since I had a spotter to hit some heavier singles in the SlingShot. This really hammered the triceps hard. I had a pump and ache in them from just hitting singles. We all had a pretty good training session overall with a few PRs. And it was nice to train in a different environment.


A. Bench Press
405x1 (Add red Sling Shot)
425x1 (Add yellow Sling Shot)
435x1 - PR


B2. 1-Arm Row

Squats Up Next,
Chase Karnes

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