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6/3/2014 4:46:56 PM - Mark Dugdale
Arms 6.2.14

I made a last minute decision to enter the Toronto Supershow 212 this past weekend to ensure my Olympia qualification via point standings was solidified. I placed third in a closely fought contest – only 4 points separated 1st, 2nd and me. After talking with John Meadows, it was decided that all my training sessions will mirror the secondary pump workouts from his normal programs. John knows me well enough that he no longer suggests a couple weeks off from training, lol. Therefore, my workouts for the next three weeks will be lighter weight and in line with the pump-focused secondary workouts you are accustomed to seeing from me. That will put me roughly 13 weeks out from the Olympia, at which time I will begin another 12-week program design by John.

Christina wanted to train arms tonight so here is what we did at Kirkland Gold’s Gym…

Cable Push-Downs Superset w/Reverse Barbell Curls

I used an attachment similar to this one: Spud Inc. Fat Tricep Strap. I adjusted the pulley so it was about ¾ from the bottom, took a few steps back from the weight stack, bent about 45 degrees at the waist, kept my elbow pinned to my sides and performed slow and controlled reps for triceps.

My reps were 15, 15, 10, 10, 10 and 10 for each of the 6 sets.

I immediately supersetted the push-downs with reverse barbell curls. On these keep your elbows pinned to your sides so you don’t raise the elbows and work the front delts.

My reps here were 15, 15, 10, 10, 10 and 10 for each of the 6 sets.

Cross-Body Hammer Curls Superset w/Triceps Skull Crushers

On the cross-body hammer curls do one at a time and really control the weight making it as hard as possible to get your reps. Do 10-12 on each side, alternating until you hit 20+ total reps.

Immediately superset with skull crushers. I try to keep from locking out on these and prefer to do them on a slight decline bench.

My reps were in the 10-15 range for all 4 working sets of skull crushers.

Here is a video:

Dips Superset w/Machine Preacher Curls

On the dips don’t lean too far forward and work the pecs. The key is focusing on the triceps with controlled reps while aiming for 10-15 reps.

Immediately superset with machine preacher curls once again focusing on constant tension and controlled movement. I aimed for 10-12 reps on each of the 4 working sets of machine preacher curls.

Here is a video:

NOTE: While focusing on lighter weight and returning to normal training post-contest I find that it’s best to stop short of failure on every set of every exercise. Your body has likely endured a beating, is possibly depleted and nervous system could likely use a break.

That concluded this arm workout!

Train smart,
Mark Dugdale

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