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6/9/2014 5:18:54 PM - Mark Dugdale
Shoulders 6.5.14

I actually trained back at 5am this morning, but Christina doesn’t get up that early and wanted to go train shoulders in the evening. I went along and put this mini-shoulder workout together. She got pretty sore, but then again she doesn’t tap into pre-intra-post workout nutrition the way I do via a product like Plazma or Biotest Surge Recovery 3lbs 3.9oz I’m still working on her! Anyway, here is the workout…

Lying One Arm Dumbbell Side Laterals

On these I set up a utility bench at about a 45 degree angle. Pretty much any incline bench will do. I lay on my side. For example I place my left knee on the seat and hang my left arm over the top of the pad that normally supports your back. Then, grabbing a dumbbell with my right hand, I perform one arm side laterals. Keep constant tension on the delts by not resting the dumbbell on your leg at the bottom and not raising the dumbbell completely perpendicular to the floor. Just raise the dumbbell until your arm forms a 90 degree angle with your body.

Sets and reps looked like this for each side…

20lbs x 15 reps
22.5lbs x 12 reps
25lbs x 10 reps
27.5lbs x 8 reps
27.5lbs x 8 reps

*I only rested long enough for Christina to do her set before I continued with the aforementioned weights and reps.

Machine Press Negatives + Explosive Reps

I used a weight selectorized shoulder press machine and faced the back support pad. This provides no back support, but I prefer to do them this way because I can adjust my torso to ensure I’m driving the weight straight up over my head. I performed 3 sets as follows:

200lbs x 6 negative (3 second descent) reps immediately followed by 80lbs x 6 reps as explosively as possible.

*Have your partner lift the weight on the negative so that you can focus all your effort on lowering the weight for a 3-second count. Immediately drop the weight to something very light and perform 6-8 reps with the concentric being as explosive as possible. Do not fully lock out. These actually burn quite good!

Cable Upright Row Superset w/Rear Delts

The first exercise on the superset entails the use of a straight bar attachment to a lower cable. Grab the bar slightly wider than shoulder width, keep your chest out and pull the weight up as though strings were attached to your elbows pulling them up first. Hold the contraction for a split second and then lower the weight utilizing a 2-3 second negative. I did sets of 10 reps.

Immediately move to the cables used for something like pec flyes, but simply grab the cables without any attachments included. Right hand grabs left cable, and left hand grabs right cable. Pull your arms apart with the elbow joint held in a fixed, semi-straight position. Hinge only at the shoulder joint to ensure all the tension remains on the rear delt. I did sets of 15 reps.

Superset the upright row and rear delt, cable exercise for a total of 4 rounds. I kept my rest break to less than 1 minute between rounds.

That concluded this shoulder session!

Train smart,
Mark Dugdale

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