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6/19/2014 5:15:18 PM - Chase Karnes
Upper Body, Goals and Thigh Pain Update

I am currently training for The 2014 North American Strongman (NAS) Nationals. They will be held Oct. 4th & 5th in Reno, NV. I'm also adjusting to raising a new baby boy while still working, training and living life.

First of all, the quad/thigh pain seems to be much better. I should note that I was only feeling it severely on squats and haven't squatted since, but the other things I "felt" it on I no longer feel it on. So that's a good sign. After talking with a PT friend of mine I think I had some nasty knots/trigger points in my quad that were pressing on a nerve when I was under load in the bottom portions of the squat. After my massage therapist spent about 20 minutes on it Friday though it's much looser. That combined with working around the pain and taking meds from the Dr. I'm hoping it'll feel better by the next time I'm supposed to squat. That and the fact my deload starts Friday and I won't be training again until the next Saturday should help.

The last 12 weeks or so I had been training to put on some muscle mass without just gaining a ton of "junk" weight. I can visibly see a small difference and I'm up roughly 4 pounds on the scale. One thing I should note is that I pulled back on the eating a few weeks back when I realized I may have a chance to make it to Nationals this fall. I was pretty sure I wouldn't make it this year back in the spring so I had decided to put on some size. But a few weeks back after talking with my wife I decided I would probably be able to make it this year and decided it wouldn't be smart to go from "bulking" to then turn right around and start "cutting" so I could be within an easy cut of my weight class of 200 pounds. I was a consistent 212 in the mornings, but my weight has seemed to settle around 210 this past couple of weeks. I was around 206 when I kicked things up so I'm happy with the little muscle I did gain. Mostly in my quads, biceps and back/traps.

Small Fish. Bigg(er) Arms & Traps.

I'm taking off training completely from Friday until the following Saturday. This is to allow my body to completely rest (and my mind) before I start my 14 week Nationals Prep program the 21st.

Now to Monday's training...


A. Strict Overhead Press
215x8 - PR

B1. Paused Bench Press

B2. Chins

C. Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs
2 sets of 12

D1. Alt. DB Curls
5 sets of 10

D2. Hanging Leg Raises
3 sets of 12

Chase Karnes

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