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7/20/2014 11:34:07 AM - Chase Karnes
Worst Training Session of the Year (Commercial Gym in PCB)

I am currently training for The 2014 North American Strongman (NAS) National Championship. It will be held Oct. 4th & 5th in Reno, NV. I'm also adjusting to raising a new baby boy while still working, training and living life.

I ended up training at a commercial gym in Panama City Beach for my second session of the week. I had planned to train at Panhandle Crossfit on Wednesday, but ended up moving my training to Thursday. Unfortunately I wasn't able to train at Panhandle that day so I found a commercial gym.

I walked in and asked the front desk worker who was walking across the gym floor, "Can I deadlift here?"

He responded with, "Of course. I'm actually in the middle of deadlifts right now."

I started warming up and looked over to see him doing a kettlebell deadlift with about 80# pounds with some sort of extra pulsation at the top to really target his glutes I guess?

I started working up to my heaviest set and he walked over and said, "Oh I didn't know you'd be deadlifting that heavy. That's like really heavy and I can't have people doing that in here."

Luckily it was my last set, but regardless it was the worst training session in a while. It was hot. No chalk allowed. The bar was smooth with no knurling. My hand were sweating. I was pulling on carpet flooring and having to set it down "softly". It was a train wreck. I ended up only pulling 1 rep on my top end set I had planned for 3. I had the strength for sure, but my grip wasn't liking a smooth sweaty bar. I should've brought straps I guess, but since I rarely use them I didn't pack them. I also left my liquid chalk at home. Lesson learned.

I realized in that hour there that most people have no clue what they are doing in the gym.


A. Deadlifts

B. Front Squats

I ran out of time here because we had vacation plans that day and I needed to get going. And since I had to wait for 30 minutes for the squat rack so some guy could do multiple variations of shrugs I was out of time.

At Least I Got to Spend the Rest of the Day with These Two

Chase Karnes

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