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7/25/2014 3:35:06 PM - Chase Karnes
Event Day w/Axle Press PR w/VID

I am currently training for The 2014 North American Strongman (NAS) National Championship. It will be held Oct. 4th & 5th in Reno, NV. I'm also adjusting to raising a new baby boy while still working, training and living life.

I ended up having to hit events again on a Friday this week like a couple weeks back. I don't mind this at all, but it's pretty taxing with 3 back to back training days. I do think the weeks that I have to train like this though will be beneficial. I don't want to make a habit of it, but since Nationals is a two day competition I think it's good to go into events a bit fatigued from time to time.

I had a great training session today. This week and next week are the toughest weeks of this training cycle. Then a deload followed by another 6 week training phase before Nationals. I'm really happy with how things are coming together and even happier with how today went.


A. Axle Clean & Press (Clean once)
300x7 - PR

B. Keg/Farmer Walk/Duck Walk Meldey
275# Keg, 295# Farmers (each hand), 335# Duck Walk

2 runs.

The second run was interrupted by the Police since someone decided to call the police on us for training strongman in the street. This happens about once a year even though it's a low traffic street and we leave plenty of room for people to drive through. Some people are just dicks. With that being said I finished the medley before talking with the police officer.

275# Keg

295# Farmers

I'll Be Ready At Nationals...,
Chase Karnes

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