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8/27/2014 5:57:52 PM - Mark Dugdale
Chest and Shoulders 8.24.14

Here is the workout I did this past Sunday at Eastside Gym. It is the primary chest and shoulder workout for the week as part of John Meadow’s Carnage Program. I was training solo early in the AM as two of my daughters had soccer jamborees later in the afternoon. Here is the workout…

Decline Dumbbell Presses

Set 1 x 10 reps with 60lbs (warm-up)
Set 2 x 10 reps with 70lbs (warm-up)
Set 3 x 8 reps with 90lbs (warm-up)
Set 4 x 8 reps with 110lbs
Set 5 x 8 reps with 120lbs
Set 6 x 8 reps with 125lbs

*The key here is to get a good stretch, but stop short of locking out.

Medium Grip Bench Presses

I went back to my favorite bar for this exercise, available here: Fat Bar with Revolving Ends

Set 1 x 12 reps with 135lbs (warm-up)
Sets 2 thru 4 x 12 reps with 205lbs

*Grab the bar slightly wider than shoulder width. Lower the bar until it touches your chest before driving it up hard and stopping at ¾ lockout.

Incline Hammer Strength Presses

John called for incline barbell, but I decided to use the Hammer Strength since I was training alone.

Set 1 x 6 reps with two 45’s per side (feeder set)
Sets 2 thru 4 x 6 reps with three 45’s and one 10lb plate per side

*Control the negative, drive to lockout and flex hard on each rep.

Incline Dumbbell Flyes

Set 1 x 10 reps with 45lbs
Set 2 x 10 reps with 50lbs
Set 3 x 8 reps with 50lbs + 4 partials

*Perform these as though you are putting your arms around a 50 gallon drum. Also, I like to stop the fly once my hands reach about shoulder width vs bring the dumbbells together to touch at the top. This will take a little work to get the correct feel, but it keeps the tension on pecs. Often bringing the dumbbells to touch activates the front delts too much for me. Keep your sternum lifted the entire time. The final set I only got 8 reps so I tacked on some controlled partials out of the stretched position. Be careful with partials or you can tear your pec.

Heavy Rear Delt Swings/Partials

Set 1 x 35 reps with 60lbs
Set 2 x 30 reps with 60lbs
Set 3 x 25 reps with 60lbs
Set 4 x 22 reps with 60lbs

*Lay face down on an incline utility bench. Use lifting straps and grab dumbbells that are too heavy for full range reps. Hinge at the shoulder joint and start the movement with your rear delts. Perform partial reps/swings while focusing all the tension on your rear delts. I rested 45 seconds between sets so my reps dropped as I progressed through the 4 working sets.

Cage Presses

These are performed by setting the safety bars on a cage to about shoulder level. As you press the barbell up explosively you allow it slide on the cage uprights.

Sets 1 thru 5 x 5 reps with 155lbs

*Train explosively and duck your head under the bar while flexing your shoulders and traps at the top of each rep.

Barbell Front Raises

Sets 1 thru 3 x 12 reps with 45lb barbell

*Pause each rep about eye level and flex your front delts before lowering the bar with control.

That concluded this chest and shoulder workout!

Train hard,
Mark Dugdale

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