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9/22/2014 7:33:40 AM -
Press, Purging At The Gym, Quote Of The Week

The LA FitExpo is on the horizon in February and it's time to get serious. Today was the first day where pulling from 18" felt ok on the hamstring. It's time to start rebuilding my deadlift from the floor.

The typical issue I struggle with is training grip effectively along with my regular training in a limited time frame. I am considering my options but have yet to arrive at a decision how to proceed.

In the meantime....


I am going to begin implementing some changes here. It's not all set in stone as of yet.

GHP 2 - 3x5
Sport - 1x10
Trainer - 10 second holds x3
1.5 - 10 second holds x4

Strict Press
bar - 2x10
95, 1x10
105, 1x10
115, 1x8
125, 2x3

DB Presses - 3x8

18" Fat bar, Double Overhand DL
215, 1x3
235, 1x3
255, 1x3
275, 3x3

Came out of the gym and nearly freaked out. There was an older gentleman leaning up against his truck looking at me. Now I don't know about you but coming out into an empty parking lot to what my first instinct was a creeper is enough to send me over the edge. I saw The Purge Anarchy yesterday afternoon, so that was still fresh in my mind.

I just kept thinking that he was going to grab me, throw me in his truck and cart me off to a remote location to fight it out for survival. I realized how silly I was being, stopped, squared off and was ready to make sure I didn't leave the scene of the crime. Cuz you know, statistically once you are taken away from the primary scene, your chances of survival are significantly diminished. Or something like that.

Once I made eye contact he looked down, opened his passenger truck door and grabbed his briefcase. I rushed into my car, locked the doors and was ready to peel out of there. As I was backing up I realized he is our new neighbor. And really someone's grandpa. I totally could have taken him.

In other news, by far the best quote I've heard in a long time,

"Once you can deadlift 325 for 25 reps in a minute, you can have an opinion. Leave your mother alone, she'll take you out."

Who's Next,
Amy Wattles

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