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9/23/2014 6:03:00 PM - Insane Powerlifter
Monday: Heavy Box Squat, Bench...Son Assisted

Big Squat, Bench, Snatch: September 22 2014 from Clint Darden on Vimeo.

Well, had a rough weekend and wasn't able to train on Sunday. I KNOW that I'm coming down with some type of flu so I took a day or rest but got myself to the local bar Monday afternoon.

Now, I KNOW that I need the reps and sets but I really just wanted a greedy day...heavy.

Box Squats with Onyx Heavy Bands (200-225 at top)
warm ups
500 x 2
601 x 1
702 x 1

As you can son was TOTALLY EXCITED to see his Dad lift some big weights...

Bench Press
add short pro light mini bands
135 x 10 x 4 sets, little rest
225 x 2
297 x 1
320.5 x 1...PR maybe?

Totally thrilled about my RAW GEARED Bench PR...

sets of 2 up to 90 kg (did 3)

Cleans (hands still sore)
easy singles and doubles up to 90 kg son chose the music for my Snatch and Clean and Jerk...Bizzy Bone!

Sometimes a boy just wants to sit at a bar and a be a boy...

Clint Darden

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