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9/29/2014 9:41:52 PM - Yessica Martinez
Medleys: Unfinished business

Prepping for my second strongman competition that will qualify me for Nationals.

I'm fortunate to have 2 gyms that I train at. One aforementioned, Idolmaker Physique and Performance, which is a westside certified gym and has almost every specialty bar (thank you baby Jesus). Then there's the Battleaxe gym, which is as you probably guessed, where the strongman training goes down!

As many of you know (or don't know), strongman consists of a series of strength events. Each year they are changed; whether it's events, weight, or both. So you could say, prepping for these comps gets exciting because you have to adjust your training to what the events will be, every time.

This year's strongman events will be:
-Hummer Tire Squats for reps (205 lbs)
-Car Deadlift (hold for time) w/ a Buick compact car
-Keg toss
-Medley: Farmers walk (140lbs)/Yoke Press (110lbs)/Power Stair (TBA)/Circus DB Press (65lbs)/Mystery Event

The layout for my training is (main movements):

Monday: Back Squats/Front Squats
Tuesdays: Bench/Presses/Log Presses
Thursday: Deadlifts/Deficits
Saturday (my second favorite day): Medleys
***These alternate for example: You can start with bench on Tuesday, then the following Tuesday, start with log presses.

Here's a breakdown of my last two training days:

7am Saturday Training 9/27-
We are 3 weeks out from our competition, so Mike (owner of Battleaxe) has us running the Medleys exactly how comp would feel like; down to shortening our warm-ups because we all know in competitions, we only have 1 or 2 times where we can actually get a warm up in, due to the amount of people.

- 1-2 warm up sets of deadlift holds for time
We used the farmers walks with 150 lbs on each side.

- Hummer Tire Squats
Complete as many reps as possible under 1 minute (in other words, cardio).
From last week to this week, I made a huge improvement. I completed 25 reps (3 were called) in 1 minute and this week, I completed shy under 30 reps in 1 minute with no calls!

Because I also work on Saturdays, training was cut short for me. So Medleys carried on to Mondays training.

Today 9/29 at Idolmaker-

I had a late start and couldn't finish the medley (didn't have access to the equipment), so I adjusted my training. I don't follow a particular program, I just train hard. There are things that are sometimes just out of our control and then there are things that we can actually do something about. Instead of getting frustrated, this gave me the opportunity to work on my weaknesses that will help me with the medley. I started with:

- Close stance squats with comp weight (205lbs) 5x5

- Log presses with comp weight (110 lbs)

- DB press (worked up to 60 lbs for singles) failed at 65 lbs.

- 50 lb KB swings as a supplementary movement for the keg tosses. (3 x 12)

- Abs/Oblique's

DB fat grip presses (60 lbs shown). If you hear me say "that's right", it's because I failed miserably with the 60's, the set before, because of form.

She believed she could, so she did.,
Yessica Martinez

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