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9/30/2014 11:45:28 PM - Yessica Martinez
Fat bar presses

3 weeks out from my second strongman competition that will qualify me for Nationals

It's no secret that bench days are my favorite. Why? Starting as a powerlifter, bench wasn't my strongest lift but, over the years, I've managed to get my max bench from 135 to 190 (gym PR)-- side note 200 is my ultimate goal!

I get often asked about my bench, so today, I was able to edit a video that shows my set-up in slow motion. Technique is an important tool for lifters to build their maximum strength and performance, and with good form, you can stress strong points and eliminate weak ones.

Best tips to offer:

1. Grips vary (whether you bench close or wide) but it's important to grip the bar as tight as possible.

2. Shoulder blades together. What helps me with this is-- I imagine a penny is placed between them, forcing them together, so I won't drop it.

3. Then un-rack, to a point where you feel your lats being utilized, BIG AIR, and press in a straight line (shortest distance).

Simple tips but it works!

She believed she could, so she did.,
Yessica Martinez

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