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10/14/2014 4:35:31 PM - First Chemo Session
Another Fun Sunday, Afraid, Oct 5 2015

Currently undergoing Chemotherapy to treat systemic Ulcerative Colitis as a last measure.


Squat PRs! October 5 2014 from Clint Darden on Vimeo.

I have put off posting this as long as I could, mostly because I simply do not know what to say. This was my first training session after starting chemo and I felt bad. BAD.

Part of that is simply that from the chemo none of my body's cells are reproducing or repairing and from my understanding, the ATP energy process has also stopped taking place. But on this day I had to add in something else, FEAR.

I am afraid, very afraid. The fear of getting weaker often isn't present simply because it comes very slowly over decades. We don't notice that we are much weaker than we were because it was so many years ago. For me it was comparing myself to last week.

During warm-ups I couldn't tell if I was really that weak or if I was just THAT AFRAID every time I unracked the bar to squat. It was probably a giant combination of both but it didn't take me long to understand that it was not going to be a multiple set or rep kind of day...this was going to be a "Pray and Single It" kind of day. Knowing that this week would be worse than last week BUT it still might be better than every week to come for a long time...I had to go for it.

Box Squats:
warm ups, I was very quiet
I had my wife to help me run the rack as I wasn't sure that I could unrack all of my sets and having her there makes me feel secure.
Worked up to a single of 735 + Onyx Heavy Bands x 1...2014 PR I believe

It was not any better than last weeks was worse...but I got under the bar and squatted it.

That was all I had the energy to do. I did play around with some overhead lunges but I was just dead.

My wife killed the day with a PR Front Squat of 90/198 though!!!

Clint Darden

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