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10/30/2014 11:07:39 PM - Yessica Martinez
Block pulls

First semi-heavy day since competition. Exhausted from a long day but felt easy, considering. My form was a bit off, my brother actually pointed it out, and after watching the video a few more times, I was a bit over the bar and could have fell back a little more in my set up.

I posted this video on my instagram, I mentioned that I hated conventional, but it builds the sumo deadlift. So someone asked, "why do you prefer sumo?"

1. Shorter ROM
2. Less stress on my lower back

I am injury free (for now) but I mostly have issues with my lower back (tightness). So I feel most comfortable in a sumo stance.

Block pulls

Deadlifts with 80 lbs of chains up to a heavy single (265 lbs + 80 lbs chains)

Deloaded for speed for 5 x 1

Prowler sprints 4 sets

GHR's holding a medicine ball 4 x 6

Hyper ext. with mini red bands 3 x 15

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