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11/2/2014 5:52:34 PM - Clint Darden
Lab Results: Goodbye To Romance and Thanks To My Friends!

Currently undergoing Chemotherapy to treat systemic Ulcerative Colitis as a last measure.


To start off, there has been a HUGE number of people contact me to support me and you don't know how much that means to me. The flip side of that coin is that there have been so many people that have turned away from me over the last couple of years because of this disease and my pursuit towards health that it isn't even funny. People simply do not understand what Chronic Disease means. It means that it NEVER goes away and for most people it never gets better! This is not a cold, it is not a flu or a broken leg. It does NOT go away with a 10 day supply of medication or eating a certain way for a few weeks.

Please do not let your ignorance be shown as hatred. If you cannot take my hand and help me up my uphill battle then stand by me and walk with me. If you cannot stand beside me, then get out of my way.

I barely slept Thursday night because I was worried about my lab results. Worried about:
Red Blood Cells
Liver Enzymes

Last year was the first time I'd have blood drawn and full blood tests ran in years and they were bad. BAD!!!! Everything that could be dangerous was way out of range! Three months ago they were still way way WAY out of range. What I can say about 3 months ago is that I was very sick and severely dehydrated at the time.

Exactly 1 year ago my Total Cholesterol was 327
Triglycerides 155
Risk Factor Index: 8.7

SGPT/ALT: 81 (266 in May 2014)
SGOT/AST: 63 (113 in May 2014)

Hematocrit: 57.3
Red Blood Cells: 6.16
Hemoglobin: 18.9
Platelets: 225

While the drop in my cholesterol, RBC, Hematocrit, Hemoglobin is all AMAZING in ten kinds of ways it also brings up a couple of other issues.

My platelets are dropping. They are normal but dropping, with my red blood cells. This could be the chemo killing a lot of important stuff and if I'm not careful I could end up in trouble.

My liver enzymes are pretty doggone high. In all fairness, the lowest that they have been has also been high and the last time they were even anywhere near as high as they are now I had trained that week. 14 hours before taking blood for this exam I had done bench press (full session), deadlifts, pin pulls, snatch, clean and jerk, and lunges as well as abs and accessories. But I don't think that training would raise them THAT MUCH. I have to look at doing all I can to lower the enzymes and get blood drawn again SOON. There is a possibility that I could be developing auto-immune hepatitis where my immune system has branched out from just my intestines to my eyes, my skin, my joints, and my liver.

Shelby Starnes has helped me out A TON to get to this point and he has been right by my side the last week as I've gone through this. He has some ideas but a lot of supplements are simply not available here and if they are...they are 4 and 5x the price as what you see in The USA.

Trying to not let the stress get to me about all the "what if's" and "down the road" issues. You know I can deal with my hair falling out daily, being tired non-stop, vomiting, nausea, etc...but the fear of what all is really going on inside of my body that is going to get me sooner or later seems pretty freaking real.

For now I am looking at taking every option possible to improve my health to the best of my ability and just hope that more blood tests in a few weeks will show improvement.

Clint Darden

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