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11/24/2014 5:35:44 PM -
The Saturday Crash

Currently undergoing Chemotherapy to treat Systemic Ulcerative Colitis as a last measure.


Friday night was back to taking my chemo in big doses again. Once after training with anti-nausea meds, once before bed, and again when I woke up Saturday.

As normal, I barely slept but was exhausted. I woke up, puked several times and drove to the pharmacy down the street to refill my pain medication but their parking spaces were full...every time I drove by again and again till they closed.

I then went to the supplement store down the street. I mostly go every Saturday just to see one of my best friends George and say hello but when I parked my car I could not get the energy to get out of my car. Must have sat in my car 20 minutes right in front of the front door till I finally sent him a text message that I could not get out to see him.

Managing to get on the way home I somehow decided that I wanted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the only place in town that I've found that stocks peanut butter is right by my house and they have NATURAL Peanut Butter! Stumbling around the store for a good 15 minutes I finally found it (meaning I called my wife and asked her where in the store it was).

Got home and hit the couch. And stayed there till bedtime then I moved to the bed.

Training is up and down, my pain levels are higher than I've ever experienced them, my hair is falling out, I'm continuing to lose weight, I'm mentally confused a lot, I have never felt so un-sexy in my life yet what hurts the most is that I can't be active with my family. My energy levels every day is so limited that I actually am selfish enough to use it for training. I'm so very lucky that my family is involved in training as well, blessed.

Every time that I woke up on Saturday I did get to see this amazing view.

I Need A New Day...,
Clint Darden

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