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11/26/2014 5:31:39 PM -
Terrible Tuesday Threes!

Currently undergoing Chemotherapy to treat Systemic Ulcerative Colitis as a last measure.


Now, I woke up on Tuesday with a plan to have a good day. The plan was to sleep as late as possible and then pick my son up from school at 1:05. Come home and eat lunch with him and then pass out again on the couch through the afternoon with the little man. Work some in the evening after I got him to bed and even get myself into bed early Tuesday night.

Very little of that actually happened.

I woke up 2 hours early and couldn't get back to sleep. I became confused because my phone said that there was either a 28% chance of rain or a 90% chance of rain. Does this mean I get to look outside and take my pick? Is this multiple choice? True/False?

I get to my son's school, still smiling. My car's top leaks a lot of water so I got soaked on the 1 minute drive there and got wet walking inside to wait but his smile and new glasses makes it all worth it.

While he ran across the playground as I checked to see what text message my wife just sent me...I wasn't happy that he was now WET or that my wife needed me to get to the bank and make a deposit before it closed today. It closed in 15 minutes.

We did make it to the bank. His old man was in a lot of pain and not feeling well (and very wet) but the pokes from his McQueen umbrella was still acceptable.

Just outside the bank I see someone uniquely parked checking their car's the middle of the street facing the wrong direction. No joke.

With a couple minutes to spare I rush off to the pharmacy to get some meds, most of which are not available in Cyprus. While leaving I realize that the rain makes people crazy and it is Two Lane Tuesday and nobody told me.

On the way home my son asks if he can go to the super market to get milk and something else. Why not...right? We go inside the local market and he wants a 30 cent piece of chocolate. We get back out to the car and my car won't start. Dead battery.

NO BIG DEAL!!!! My battery has been dying for a long LONG time and I keep jumper cables in my trunk. I head inside the market and ask if anyone can give me a jump. A guy came out and pulled his Chevy up to my car, I grabbed my jumper cables and noticed that one of my cable clamps had shattered! No joke. From inside the car I hear my son yell "I think you should call mom!". He already had my phone in his hand and had tried calling her but she didn't answer. With every email that I got and every sound that my phone made I heard him say "It's probably mom!"

Another guy from inside the store happens to have some industrial grade jumper cables that I'm pretty sure can be used to transmit high volume nuclear power in the off season and we hook them up to my car. And I'm off.

On the 45 second drive home from the market my wife calls and suggests that I go get a new battery. Now, I'm soaking wet, cold, hungry, and beyond tired. The only think I can think of at this point is to get in the house, cook a pizza with extra EXTRA meat on top, eat it, sleep, and wake up Wednesday! AND had I simply not gone to the bank and deposited that money I'd have THAT MONEY to go buy a new car battery!

I get home, cook and eat said pizza, then we change clothes and head out to the car battery getting store and I got one. That is $150 that hurt me REALLY BAD to give up! Before I got inside my car to drive home I sent a message to my friend in The USA to ask if her daughter could play MineCraft with my son for a little while. Man...I was freaking blessed that they could play because I walked in the door in pain and passed out on the couch for a solid hour!

As I laid on the couch I just imagined that someone would show up at our house and ring the door bell or find something for me to do and I got this image in my head. Had to find the movie and caption this very scene!

Woke up and Steven was still playing with Becca online and I laid around and made bad pain sounds mostly. My wife came home, we had a great evening, got my son bathed, read three books and he was sound asleep in his bead.

This meant that I could walk my dog early and get to work early and then get to bed early!!!! Dog walked, work done by 0230 and I headed towards the bedroom. Got my son's clothes laid out for the next morning, finished the laundry, dog went out again, and just as I laid down in bed I hear a BOOM explosion outside.

I open the window and hear a spraying sound so I head downstairs and out the door. Sounds like it is coming from my neighbor's house so I head over there to see what is going on and if I need to wake them up. But they are waking up from the noise and I'm quickly understanding that the sounds are coming from MY ROOF! Back inside and up on the roof.

Yep, 3:30 in the morning and we burst a water pipe on our roof.

A little while after 4 in the morning I crash in the bed, sending my wife a text message what happened. Of course as soon as my head hit the pillow she woke up and read her messages and asked me all about it. I remember nothing of it.

My Happy Face :)

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!,
Clint Darden

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