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11/23/2014 9:15:38 AM -
Box squats

With box squats, it's important to push the glutes as far back as possible with a tight arched back, pushing your knees apart to activate your hips. Once you are sitting on the box, forcefully jump off the box, using your abs, hips, and glutes. I'm using about 55% of my 1RM.

1) Straight bar box squat (straight weight) with 155 lbs for 12 sets of 2 (30 seconds rest)

2) ultra wide stance - shark belt squat for 5 sets of 5 (heavy)

3a) Glute ham raises (GHR's) 4 sets of 6 with band pulling down (used the elite pro monster mini bands)


3b) Hyper extensions ON THE GHR(this means after your regular GHR reps, you simply keep your legs straight and do hyper extensions) 4 sets of 6

4) Seated band ham curls x 100

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