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12/8/2014 4:35:45 PM - Mark Dugdale
Legs 12.6.14

This is week two of my next John Meadows Program and as always day one begins with my primary leg workout. I’ve been avoiding squats due to my lower back, but did them today with chains and in conjunction with a backwards Prowler push so I was forced to use less weight. Christina joined me today so I was able to capture a few videos. Here is the workout…

Lying Leg Curls

I wanted to really work the contraction so I added an elitefts™ Pro Mini Resistance Band.

Set 1 x 10 reps with 50lbs + band (warm-up)
Set 2 x 10 reps with 65lbs + band (warm-up)
Set 3 x 10 reps with 80lbs + band (warm-up)
Set 4 x 8 reps with 110lbs + band
Set 5 x 8 reps with 115lbs + band
Set 6 x 8 reps with 120lbs + band -> drop to 65lbs x 8 reps -> drop to 50lbs x 9 reps (failure)

*The key here is to hold the contraction for a split second at the top. I worked my way up in weight and then did a massive drop set.

Below is a video of my first working set so you can see how I attached the band. You will have to get creative depending on how your gym is arrange.

You may have noticed the odd looking roller in the background of the video. It’s called aRumble Roller Extra Firm 31x6 and I use it before all my leg workouts. Well, actually I use it before almost every single workout to warm up. It’s great for quads, glutes, hamstrings and back.

Backwards Prowler Push Superset w/Squats w/Chains

Here are the tools I used for this superset:

Prowler: Front Load Prowler® with Drive Pad
Three sets of elitefts™ Pair of 5/8 Chains
Carabiner 4 Pack
The EZ Loader Strap (blue) is great for adding chains to squats or bench, but it is currently out of stock at Elitefts…it will be back soon!

I did a few warm-up sets on squats before beginning the superset.

Warm-up Set 1 x 10 reps with 135lbs
Warm-up Set 2 x 10 reps with 135lbs + 2 chains each side
Warm-up Set 3 x 10 reps with 135lbs + 4 chains each side

Now the fun begins…
Backwards Prowler Push x 25 yards w/180lbs added
Superset with…
Squats x 6 reps with 135lbs + 6 chains each side*

*The key on the squats is to try and be as explosive as possible. I did the aforementioned superset for 3 rounds. On the third round I included a drop set on squats, meaning I did 6 reps, pulled 2 chains from each side and did another 6 reps, pulled 2 more chains from each side and did 6 final reps.

Here is a video of the last superset/dropset:

Bulgarian Split Squats w/Isotension

Set 1 x 10 reps + 15 second isohold with 30lb dumbbell
Set 2 x 10 reps + 15 second isohold with 50lb dumbbell
Set 3 x 10 reps + 15 second isohold with 70lb dumbbell

*Perform an isohold in the upper half of the split squat.

Here is a video of the final set:

Prowler Push Superset w/Cable Pull-Through

Perform the following superset three times.

Forward Prowler Push x 25 yards with 90lbs added
Superset with…
Cable Pull-Through x 10 reps with 180lbs*

*On the pull-through face away from the weight stack, attach a single handle to the lower cable and pull the handle between your legs while hinging at the waist.

That concluded today’s leg workout!

Train hard,
Mark Dugdale

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